Business analytics, orchestration, and automation

A strong business analytics engine transforms raw data into opportunities for connecting and collaborating. This can help you build a more successful business and make more informed decisions. Logpoint provides the infrastructure automation and analytics you need to make these decisions and execute on your goals.

Business analytics can be thought of as the technologies and practices for gaining insight and driving business planning through investigation of past performance through data. This practice is highly dependent on your business retaining significant amounts of high-quality data. But obtaining the necessary data requires blanket infrastructure monitoring and correlation across different systems.

A comprehensive overview of your business allows analysts to uncover trends, make predictions and optimize your future approach. Querying, reporting, and alerting can answer the why, what and how about your business operations, supporting reasoning in decision analytics and insights for descriptive analytics.

Logpoint facilitates the correlation of events and reporting on critical business operations. This allows your business to gather insight and understand the context of the billions of events generated daily by your core business applications and the underlying infrastructure.

We can advance your infrastructure automation and analytics by:

  • Centralizing management, analysis, and event reporting across your business
  • Integrating different sources, turning your data into useful information
  • Performing operational review under a unified display to identify savings opportunities
  • Using graphical representations to identify trends meaningful to your business
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Advanced analytics

We employ agents on ERP, database, and HR systems to gather data from network and security devices, servers and applications. This bridges the gap between business applications and IT infrastructure automation and analytics. Our Modern SIEM solution delivers a trusted security platform to achieve great insights into any operational application environment such as SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft.

Logpoint also generates detailed, concise statistics and alerts, effortlessly produces reports, and even offers easily configured dashboards reports. The combination of these capabilities provides you with a clear overview of big data security information.


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Accelerated decision-making

Our extensive reporting and dashboarding capabilities, combined with our strong analysis engine, enable your IT experts and key decision-makers to:

  • Automate, orchestrate, and optimize the time spent discussing issues like compliance and regulatory guidelines
  • Articulate and define your business’ efficiency potential
  • Obtain the data needed for business process reengineering
  • Identify misconfigurations and errors within your infrastructure

With Logpoint, you can easily assess the posture of your network and applications through our solution’s uniquely designed correlation and analysis layer. The solution not only has the ability to handle big data and security, it can also acclimate to and strengthen the diverse infrastructures of any business.

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