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We care a whole lot about the people we work with. Their requirements come first, and we remain dedicated to meeting their existing and evolving needs. Because of this level of service, we have a growing base of amazing LogPoint customers across many industries and countries. Here’s more about them and the great work we do together.

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Engelbert Strauss

Engelbert Strauss Customer Case

With LogPoint, Engelbert Strauss has:

  • cut response time to cyberthreats by 50-60%
  • increased visibility in the IT infrastructure by 70-80%

By implementing LogPoint, Engelbert Strauss gains a centralized overview to help them stay in control and respond in real-time to potential cyberthreats.

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Strata Service Solutions Ltd.

With LogPoint, Strata Service Solutions Ltd. has:

  • increased Security
  • improved operational efficiency

By implementing LogPoint, Strata Service Solutions Ltd. has increased Security and improve operational efficiency across East Devon District Council, Exeter City Council, and Teignbridge district Council.

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LogPoint SIEM for Strata Service Solutions Ltd Customer Case

Lancaster University

LogPoint SIEM for Lancaster University Customer Case

With LogPoint, Lancaster University has:

  • cut response time to cyberthreats by 80-90%
  • achieved 80-90% time savings compared to “business as usual”

By implementing LogPoint, Lancaster University is able to identify privilege misuse, observe trends and investigate effectively


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