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Our customers

We care a whole lot about the people we work with. Their requirements come first, and we remain dedicated to meeting their existing and evolving needs. Because of this level of service, we have a growing base of amazing LogPoint customers across many industries and countries. Here’s more about them and the great work we do together.

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RAM Infotechnology

With LogPoint, RAM Infotechnology has:

  • reduced time spent on compliance reporting
  • ensured visibility across silos
  • achieved insight into anomalies in the infrastructure in real-time

By implementing LogPoint, RAM Infotechnology simplified compliance with an impressive array of industry standards, while at the same time boosting cybersecurity and opening a new revenue stream providing managed SIEM services to end-customers.

LogPoint for RAM Infotechnology Customer Case

The Family Building Society

LogPoint SIEM for Family Building Society Customer Case

With LogPoint, the Family Building Society has:

  • cut response time to cyberthreats in half
  • achieved 70-80% savings on administrators resources spent on log analysis

By implementing LogPoint, the Family Building Society is able to identify and categorize both known and unknown threats quickly.


With LogPoint, Scildon has:

  • access to flexible and efficient security analytics
  • mitigated risk in a complex IT environment

By implementing LogPoint, Scildon has achieved upwards of 75% in savings on valuableadministrators’ resources.

LogPoint SIEM for Scildon Customer Case


LogPoint for DAV customer case

With LogPoint, DAV has:

  • a complete, failure-resistant, tamper-proof and audit-ready storage of all log data
  • reduced the number of false positives

By providing comprehensive analytics and user-friendly dashboards, the LogPoint solution helps ensure GDPR compliance.

Region Värmland

With LogPoint, Region Värmland has:

  • ensured protection of patient integrity
  • reduced false positives
  • achieved compliance with the Swedish Patient Data Act

By logging medical record views, LogPoint has enabled Region Värmland to ensure patient data confidentiality and integrity and to create smart reports for views with missing care relations.

LogPoint for Region Värmland Customer Case

Rémy Cointreau

LogPoint for Remy Cointreau Customer Case

With LogPoint, Rémy Cointreau has:

  • full log visibility across silos
  • centralized event management

Delivered as a Managed Services solution, the LogPoint solution provides full log visibility and management at a predictable cost.


With LogPoint, Matmut has:

  • improved event visibility across the entire IT architecture
  • reduced incident response time

By improving event visibility across the entire IT architecture, LogPoint has enabled 80-90% time savings in incident diagnostics, faster problem resolution and major improvements in the service quality for end-users.

Computerome – The Danish National Life Science Supercomputing Center

LogPoint for Computerome Customer Case

With LogPoint, Computerome – The Danish National Life Science Supercomputing Center has:

  • a flexible platform that can integrate with their systems at scale
  • real-time monitoring of security controls
  • real-time data analysis to early detect possible data breaches

By providing easy access and overview for administrators, auditors and regulators, LogPoint helps support the tough compliance requirements at Computerome.

University of Bedfordshire

With LogPoint, the University of Bedfordshire’s IT team has:

  • simplified management of network alerts
  • improved their ability to identify incidents requiring action
  • saved on operational costs

By converting data into actionable intelligence and improving their cybersecurity posture, LogPoint has reduced time-consuming analyses of security logs while eliminating the majority of false positives.

LogPoint for University of Bedfordshire Customer Case

PXP Solutions

PXP Customer Case

With LogPoint, PXP Solutions has a powerful tool in place to ensure alignment with:

  • governance
  • risk
  • compliance standards

LogPoint allows PXP Solutions to keep a granular view of logs and quickly identify any out-of-the-ordinary activity to maintain its security posture at any time.

AP Pension

As a respected independent Danish pension co-operative, AP pension takes great care of its owners – the customers themselves. This is why AP Pension had a direct need to evolve their information security and make it more efficient.

  • To fully meet regulatory standards
  • Gaining valuable insight into the entire IT operation
  • Be able to take pre-emptive measures to prevent incidents and security breaches before they happen
LogPoint SIEM for AP Pension Customer Case

Durham County Council

Durham County Council customer case

By choosing LogPoint, the County Council instantly saved 50% cost compared to their previous vendor and additionally, Durham improved their SIEM capabilities.

  • Making compliance and accreditation requirements to be met comprehensively
  • Due to the simple per node pricing structure it can be widely deployed and more data can be fed into it
  • Easy distribution of rights enabling e.g. the Service Desk to perform their own searches and solve cases more effectively

The Lowry

As a flagship arts centre in Manchester, the Lowry needed a comprehensive SIEM solution binding all the different activities and departments together. With thousands of credit card payments each year The Lowry sits on extensive customer information which needed to be secured.

  • LogPoint helped them automate their PSS compliance and readied them for GDPR
  • Implementing LogPoint’s advanced diagnostic capability enabled monitoring queries in a quick and effortless manner, delivering ROI through hours of saved management time
The Lowry

Eissmann Group Automotive

LogPoint SIEM Eismann Group Customer Case

The Eissmann Group Automotive decided to introduce a Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) to both reduce complexity and to add transparency to their IT security efforts.

  • A successful integration with SAP into the LogPoint solution created a centralized log-management with the availability of effective tools for trouble shooting, root-cause analysis and for forensic security analysis
  • Eissmann estimated that the expenditure for trouble shooting was decreased to a twentieth of what it was prior to the project
  • Availability of an automated and continuous reporting of the IT security environment increased the overall clarity and transparency significantly

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