Price matters. And we think SIEM pricing models based on data usage are outdated. The fact is, your data will only continue to grow – and you shouldn’t be punished for it.

That’s why licensing for our next-gen SIEM solution is based on the number of devices sending logs, not on the volume of your data or events per second.  With a LogPoint license, your worries of data limits instantly disappear, allowing you to scale for future needs in a predictable manner.

To aid you, we have created an easy to use SIEM sizing calculator.  

LogPoint SIEM predictable node-based pricing

A LogPoint license offers a lot, such as:

  • Access to 400+ applications
  • On-demand application and integration development
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of events per second (EPS) and data volume (GB/day)
  • Your favorite analytics tools: search, alerting, reporting and dashboards
  • Full access to our insightful community
  • 24/7 support