Price matters

SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR pricing models based on data volume are outdated. In fact, your data will only continue to grow – and you shouldn’t be punished for it. Logpoint licenses based on servers and workstations to ensure transparent and predictable costs.

Fill in the information below for a customized pricing indication based on your infrastructure. Please complete the form to save your calculation, and we will email you the results.

Step 1: Deployment

How do you want Logpoint to be deployed?

Step 2: Your Infrastructure

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How many servers (nodes) in the environment?

Step 3: UEBA

Do you want to include behavioral analytics?

Step 4: Endpoint

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Your price estimate

Description Qty Unit Price Amount *
SIEM nodes
Minimum 100 nodes. Includes 1 SOAR seat, AgentX endpoint agent and Standard Support.
100 27 2,700.00
SIEM light nodes
(Endpoint security)
0 2,70 0
Requires a minimum of 250 entities.
250 2.5 625
Per month, billed annually
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* Estimated costs are shown without tax and are not a formal offer from Logpoint or a Logpoint Partner. Certain factors such as configuration, add-ons, and discounts may affect estimated costs. Logpoint Partners set and provide their own pricing, and neither Logpoint nor Logpoint Partners are bound by the provided estimate.