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LogPoint is an EAL 3+ certified solution

You need to trust your SIEM solution’s general level of security, but you may be wondering how to get that assurance. Here’s a question to ask: Does it stand up to rigorous testing by a third-party, internationally recognized organization?

With LogPoint, the answer is a resounding yes. LogPoint’s Modern SIEM solution has earned a Common Criteria EAL 3+ certification. It’s a big deal and here’s why – this certification is required by NATO organizations.

EAL testing is rigorous

The Evaluation Assurance Level is a certification given to IT products or systems to classify the reliability of their principal security features and this has been developed within a secure development process. The level of EAL certification depends on whether the product meets specific assurance requirements, which include:

  • Design documentation
  • Design analysis
  • Functional testing
  • Penetration testing

Common Criteria is the international standard

It’s the international standard for software assurance certification, recognized by 28 countries as the official third-party evaluation criteria for IT security procedures and engineering practices.

Earning EAL 3+ certification is no easy task. It requires stringent testing, which ensures that you have maximum assurance of positive security engineering at the design and engineering stages. This is especially important in critical infrastructure, intelligence agencies, defense and other industries with exceptional requirements towards security.

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Third-party testing eliminates bias

Independent testing organizations make the determination based on the completion of a Common Criteria security evaluation. LogPoint submitted its solution towards an assurance level 3+, along with documentation to the Swedish Certification Body for IT Security (CSEC).

Trust is an invaluable piece to the network security puzzle. With its EAL 3+ certification, you can deploy LogPoint onto your network with the peace of mind that comes with using a solution that far exceeds security-testing standards of other SIEM solutions on the market.

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