Interconnectivity has undoubtedly been a boon to the manufacturing industry, creating incredible opportunities and driving massive transformations. But with those advances come new challenges.

Interconnectivity also gives malicious actors a wider area to attack and broader access to mine your infrastructure for valuable information. With the Internet of Things connecting devices not only to each other but also to the internet, keeping these threats at bay becomes an even more urgent priority.

Manufacturers need a robust cybersecurity apparatus from top to bottom to protect not only finished projects but also those in the production stage. They need to fend off cyber espionage threats from individuals causing havoc as well as those affiliated with a national government who are poking around intellectual property information and business intelligence. This intelligence becomes all the more valuable – and therefore more attractive to threats – as technology improves.

How LogPoint can help

LogPoint keeps a close eye on all the digital behavior that happens in your infrastructure, seamlessly alerting the appropriate decision makers of suspicious patterns in real time. Our optimized search functionality and swift reporting are valuable and dependable investigative tools in your effort to stamp out cybersecurity threats.

LogPoint’s scale-as-you-grow principle allows for quick and easy visualization with only a few resources – no matter how vast your IT landscape or dense your data is. Unwinding cyber infiltrations and exfiltrations can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. There’s more value than meets the eye in having the proper defenses up to stop a cyber-threat before it becomes a breach.


Most attacks on manufacturing organizations are targeted —  the attackers focus their efforts on a specific organization with a clear purpose in mind. These attacks are rarely random acts of cyber vandalism, and more often than not, a malicious actor is motivated to steal your specific intellectual property.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that sometimes the threat is coming from inside your own building. While threats certainly loom outside your infrastructure, it’s just as important to identify privilege misuse in which your employees attempt to exfiltrate your secret data.

Intellectual property is your most valuable asset and motivated criminals are going to try to steal as much of it as they can for as long as they can.

Cyber espionage

Being able to detect suspicious activity around sensitive and classified information is the first step to securing your infrastructure against data exfiltration.

LogPoint monitors your organization’s infrastructure by observing behaviors around enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle, often storing key information subject to sabotage and espionage.

With LogPoint, you can:

  • Protect essential business processes, sensitive data and intellectual property by tracking behavior around and access to privileged information
  • Track unauthorized network or system access linked to state-affiliated actors and/or possible espionage
  • Monitor admin rights of external parties to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information
  • Identify potentially malicious inbound communication from suspicious domains or identified threat sources to secure your organization from phishing attempts

Privilege misuge

LogPoint detects privilege misuse in critical infrastructure solutions

What if the threat is coming from inside your company’s four walls? The ability to detect lateral movement and suspicious or abnormal behavior in the network prior to exfiltration can defend against an insider threat. LogPoint uses UEBA and exhaustive compliance regimens to monitor and detect fraud in enterprise applications, infrastructure including Account Directory and cloud-based services such as Azure, AWS and Salesforce. With LogPoint, you can:

  • Monitor administrative accounts to alert and report on access attempts
  • Validate new accounts that haven’t been activated without appropriate approval
  • Track access to mailboxes and identify potential misuse
  • Detect sudden changes in user, operator or server behavior by combining anomaly detection with advanced correlation
  • Uncover and audit configuration and policy changes
  • Identify attempts to exfiltration data


Detecting malicious activity in the early stages of an attack is essential to minimizing damages to your infrastructure by containing and eradicating the threat.

LogPoint gives you insight into potential compromises by monitoring the health of your systems via integrity and vulnerability scanners, firewalls and tracking access to assets.

With LogPoint, you can:

  • Detect vulnerable sources to identify potential access points for an attack on your infrastructure
  • Baseline your enterprise to identify anomalous activity happening on your network
  • Rapidly inspect your networks and identifying machines that are infected
  • Actively monitor research and publications on a given strain and receive updates and queries as more research is carried out
  • Identify any spike in file creation, renaming or deletions by a specific user or process
  • Create alerts for unusual data activity on storage systems within a certain period of time

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