The Director: A centralized console for cybersecurity log monitoring

As a SIEM administrator, your time is valuable, and managing your distributed SIEM solution shouldn’t be on your to-do list. Monitoring cybersecurity incidents, analyzing log data and adding valuable insight to your business – that’s where your focus should be. We have a solution to help with that!

With the Director, you’ll be able to orchestrate and automate many cybersecurity tasks that would otherwise tie up your ops-team. From a single pane of glass, the Director gives MSSPs and enterprises a tool to easily update, manage, operate, and monitor large multi-tenancy and single-instance SIEM deployments.

Director Console

Director consol

Alongside segregation of information the Director console is also a centralized point for orchestration of the entire Logpoint environment, allowing easy simplified deployment and management of the rest of the Logpoint modules.

The Director Console is used to push configurations to a pool of Logpoint servers. This can also be done if an organization has several subsidiaries, or customers, who must not view the other customer’s Logpoint solution. It provides centralised management and monitoring of large deployments with full API-enablement of all configurational changes. MSSP’s and large customers can separate customer installations, making it easy and secure to manage the different Logpoint pools and managing enterprise-scaled deployments is made convenient by managing server configuration from a single point.

Director consol

Search Master

In larger deployments, where different teams or different regions have their own analytics needs, your deployment may contain more than one analytics node. Centrally managing these nodes is done through the Search Master, which can connect an analyst to a decentralized analytics node, conduct investigations or assist a local user with an incident. The Search Master allows a central team of analysts to view data across multiple analytics nodes, for both MSSPs and larger enterprises.

Director Fabric

Director fabric

The Director Fabric is the infrastructure that ties together the Director Console and Search Master with the Logpoint SIEM servers. The Fabric is a full API used internally and exposed to administrators, enabling easy orchestration, providing authentication methods, and managing licenses.

Director Fabric also makes it easy to streamline Logpoint and summarize all your Logpoint servers’ health data – positioning you to control your environment more efficiently.

The Director takes the hassle out of managing your SIEM by simplifying time-consuming tasks. It’s time to focus on what you need to do and let Logpoint’s Director handle the rest!

Director fabric

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