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Keeping your customers’ personal information secure is a given. Data breaches in the financial services industry can erode a customer’s trust, lead to loss of business, and can result in regulatory fines and other punishments.

But keeping that sensitive data secure can be a multi-sided challenge – attackers can come from both inside and outside of the company. Whether it’s someone in a dark apartment across the globe or a co-worker two desks away, there’s no endingattempts to gain access.

To protect your customer’s personal data and to ensure compliance, you need a solution that spots attacks, keeps track of insider and outsider activity and offers clear visibility into every corner of your network. LogPoint for application and network traffic monitoring is that solution.

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LogPoint for Matmut

LogPoint for Matmut customer case

With LogPoint, Matmut has:

  • improved event visibility across the entire IT architecture
  • reduced incident response time

By improving event visibility across the entire IT architecture, LogPoint has enabled 80-90% time savings in incident diagnostics, faster problem resolution and major improvements in the service quality for end-users.

LogPoint in financial services

Your organization uses sophisticated IT systems to support daily operations – you have to. The systems generate a massive number of events or “machine data” from applications, network devices, servers and infrastructure. LogPoint helps you make sense of it all, providing access to data within your complex IT systems with application and network traffic monitoring. The result? An increasing need for critical operational insight.

Analysis of the data helps you to uncover, manage and address cybersecurity threats and demonstrate compliance. What’s more, this visibility empowers you to improve operational processes and efficiency.

And to take it a step further, you’ll now have previously unachievable insights to IT activity, which will make you even more prepared to to detect and prevent unintentional or malicious attacks.