LogPoint for security analytics

Simple and fast security analytics implementation, user-friendly interface that can be integrated with an entire IT infrastructure

LogPoint SIEM products

Cybersecurity is challenged on several frontiers. With alert fatigue and a constant need for market adjustment, companies need solutions that reduce complexity and bring contextual awareness. Solutions that are easy to implement, integrate and operate. LogPoint is that solution. LogPoint leverages advanced analytics, accelerated by Machine Learning to improve our customers’ cybersecurity and automate their digital transformation. LogPoint’s security analytics engine allows users to easily identify attacks, immediately respond and effectively report. With LogPoint, our customers get a force multiplier for their security analysts to enhance the safety of critical business intelligence.

Product tour

The LogPoint SIEM solution extracts events and incidents from the billions of logs existing in any IT infrastructure of any size for exhaustive security analytics.

We enable our customers to perform Orchestration, Automatization and Incident Response. Take a look at our product tour to explore which parts of LogPoint really stand out.

LogPoint as a SIEM tool

A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is a central tool in the risk management toolkit.

A great SIEM tool allows businesses to accelerate and improve threat detection and response by providing security analytics through real-time data analysis, early detection of data breaches, data collection, storage and accurate data reporting.


LogPoint UEBA, based on advanced Machine Learning, analyzes the behavior of users and entities to find interesting or malicious behaviors and patterns within your infrastructure.

This feature makes your security team smarter by accelerating detection and response to threats without increasing the workload of your security analysts. UEBA makes your security and operations staff much more efficient and assists them in finding otherwise difficult to identify threats.

The Director

With the Director, you’ll be able to orchestrate and automate many cybersecurity tasks that would otherwise tie up your ops-team.

From a single pane of glass, the Director gives MSSPs and enterprises a tool to easily update, manage, operate, and monitor large multi-tenancy and single-instance SIEM deployments.

LogPoint SAP monitoring


It’s your most critical business information. And most vulnerable to malicious and unintended attacks. Do you have control?

Don’t underestimate the importance of combating security threats against your SAP environment through a SIEM solution.

LogPoint Threat Intelligence for security analytics

Threat Intelligence

The key to advanced threat protection is contextual information for security analytics.

Threat intelligence, an aspect of a holistic cybersecurity strategy, helps you comprehend risks related to the most common and severe external threats, such as zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats and exploits.

LogPoint cloud integration

Cloud Integration

Companies are moving more applications and workloads to the cloud every day. Confidence is building as efficiencies increase, but cloud security is still a concern.

To improve the security across your cloud environment, look no further. LogPoint is cloud-ready with out-of-the-box support for Salesforce, Office 365, Azure, AWS and more!

LogPoint supports any log sources

Supported log sources

LogPoint comes with hundreds of integrations to make your life easier. Our customers and partners get ready-to-use controls, dashboards, reports and alerts out of the box.

All our applications (easily downloadable from the Help Center) are designed to suit various infrastructures and can be implemented within minutes.