Streamlined Cyber Security Operations, Converged on One Platform.

SIEM, SOAR, UEBA and Endpoint Security are converged for a precise, consistent, and efficient threat response.

Trusted by Thousands, Guarding Millions



SIEM, SOAR, UEBA and BCS technology are converged into one platform to reduce the number of point solutions, vendors, and integrations security teams must maintain.


Faster Response

Automatically add threat intel, business context and risk to observations, turning weak alerts into meaningful investigations. Analysts have automation tools at their fingertips to respond faster than ever.



Guiding analysts to correct and consistent decisions by providing context enrichment and prioritizing alerts.

Level Up Your Security with Predefined Use Cases and Automation.

Phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks are a constant threat to many organizations. We provide security teams with the edge to respond efficiently to such attacks by providing automated investigation and intuitive threat hunting capabilities to keep the organizations infrastructure endpoints safe.

Insider threats often rely on compromised credentials or coercing users into performing actions that damage enterprise security. To identify such attacks, you need a robust solution that allows the security team to determine normal versus abnormal activity on your network quickly.

Organizations are moving more applications and workloads to the cloud every day. Confidence is building as efficiencies increase, but cloud security is still a blind spot.

Logpoint provides visibility to your cloud data, including infrastructure and applications.

Meeting compliance can be costly and complicated. But that investment is minimal compared to the costs of fines, legal costs and a damaged reputation. Automate and consolidate compliance reporting with reports that show auditors security controls are in place and work as designed.

With us you get compliance reporting for GDPR, NIS2, PCI DSS, NERC-CIP, SOX, and many others.

Advanced analytics and innovative orchestration capabilities are unified in a centralized security platform allowing you to effectively detect and manage incidents compromising the security of your SAP systems.

Effectively detect, monitor, and respond to unauthorized access, violations, fraud attempts, IP theft, and operational degradations threatening your compliance, stability, and security of your SAP systems.

How We Are Different

Automated Investigation

Playbooks investigate alerts and recommend response, enabling analysts to approve or execute a decision quickly – vastly improving productivity.

Faster Threat Response

High-fidelity risk scoring enables analysts to prioritize alerts, reducing time to incident resolution.

Reduce Cyber Risk

Enriching data with insights about users, assets, threats and vulnerabilities makes data actionable so organizations can make critical decisions faster.

Stay Up To Date On Threats

The Logpoint Security Research team creates ready-to-use security content and playbooks that are updated automatically in the SaaS platform, ensuring you always have detection of the latest threats.

Customer cases:

Trusted By The World’s Leading Brands

Organizations worldwide trust Logpoint for efficient and precise threat detection and response.

Discover how industry leaders consolidate their security operations, staying ahead of threats with Logpoint.

By improving event visibility across the entire IT architecture, Logpoint has enabled 80-90% time savings in incident diagnostics, faster problem resolution and major improvements in the service quality for end-users. 

Cédric Chevrel, CISO

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