From SIEM to Cyber Defense with a Simple Add-on

  • Compliance made easy: Centralize log data from your IT infrastructure and take the hassle out of compliance.
  • Actionable insights: Simplify log collection and analysis with proper event categorization.
  • Expand security operations: From log and event management to full threat detection, investigation, and response.

Smart tools to run security operations at your own pace

Would you buy a toolbox just to hang a picture?

Logpoint SIEM is a central log and event management solution for all your security needs. When these grow, Logpoint SIEM grows with you. Scale the platform with automation capabilities, case manager, and ML-powered behavior analytics – turn SIEM into a cyber defense platform with few add-ons.

Over 1,000 Organizations Across 70 Countries Trust Logpoint

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1 platform – 4 solutions

Start with one platform for central log management and compliance. Turn it into a full-fledged SIEM platform with automation, case management, and user and entity behavior analytics.


Faster threat response

Automatically add threat intel, business context, and risk scores to observations, turning weak alerts into actionable investigations and faster incident response to threats such as phishing.


Pre-built log source templates

No matter the type of data, you can always get it to work. Pre-configured log source templates get you started in no time and simplify custom configurations in a few clicks.

Ingest all kinds of logs, solve all kinds

of cybersecurity problems

Full scalability to transform
SIEM into more than TDIR

By improving event visibility across the entire IT architecture, Logpoint has enabled 80-90% time savings in incident diagnostics, faster problem resolution, and major improvements in the service quality for end-users.

Cédric Chevrel, CISO

What sets Logpoint apart

Deployment - Implementation

No integration or maintenance
It comes as an out-of-the-box tool and with minimal installation-time

Yes, we have our own taxonomy
Logpoint does consistent parsing to normalize data for any use cases


Deployment for how you work
Server or SaaS. Or perhaps hybrid? You decide, we provide.

Pre-configured compliance
Don’t you know what to monitor to remain compliant? We got you.

A set of tools to reduce your cyber insurance premium

Surveil the IT infrastructure

From presence in endpoints to full cloud visibility. Logpoint SIEM comes with comprehensive observability across clients, servers, network systems, cloud workloads and business-critical applications. That way, you can demonstrate your security monitoring capabilities to insurers how your organization can detect a variety of attacks and advanced persistent threats.

Change compliance auditing

Insurers consider businesses that can’t meet regulations such as GDPR, NIS2, GPG 13, PCI, or many others, as high-risk, rising the costs of their policy. Don’t let that failure to comply increase your insurance premium. Logpoint comes with a pre-installed compliance package with reports and alerts rules based on our taxonomy that helps you identify those logs related to compliance.

Secure your security data

A good vulnerability management program sometimes is not enough for insurers to lower your risk. With a EAL3+ certified and SOC 2 Type II compliant provider like Logpoint, you represent lower risk, which in turns translates to a lower premium. You also have the peace of mind of knowing your data is safeguarded and your log management solution exceeds security-testing standards

Drive endpoint security

Because almost all breaches begin in endpoints, complete endpoint observability is vital — it helps reduce incident response times by containing attacks earlier. This is often a determining factor to qualify for cyber insurance. Not an issue with Logpoint. Stay on top of your endpoint security with full observability and automatic endpoint scanning and reporting of CIS controls.

Boost incident response

For insurers, a good response and triage process is as important as your detection. Logpoint comes with pre-configured playbooks that automate the investigation, containment, and removal of threats. Timely response will help you minimize the consequences of an incident, but also lower risk in the eyes of your insurer.

Logpoint for large deployments

Is your company an MSSP or does it manage multiple tenants across geographies? We have a solution for you: Director

With Director, MSSPs can onboard customers faster using Logpoint as a golden image for compliance. Enjoy a quick setup with templated log sources and brings customers to productive use in no time with pre-configured content. Set one rule and distribute it across tenants.

transform the way you do CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity success stories

Organizations worldwide trust Logpoint for efficient and precise threat detection and response.

Hear from industry leaders how they strengthen their security, retain log data, improve operational efficiency, consolidate their security operations, or stay ahead of threats with Logpoint.

Latest Research, Trends, and Insights 

Stay updated with the latest research on the emerging threat landscape,

the hottest topics, and get insights from leaders in the world of cybersecurity.

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