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LogPoint provides accelerated detection and response to any IT infrastructure of any size

With LogPoint, you will discover a full SIEM enterprise solution that is EAL 3+ certified and tailored to solve specific security management challenges of your business be it compliance, forensics or operational insight.

LogPoint enters global SIEM elite with top customer scores in Gartner peer insights

LogPoint scored a 4.6 point average in the Gartner peer insights review for security information and event management (SIEM) and received a silver award in the Gartner 2017 customer choice awards.

We’re trusted by amazing customers around the world

“The choice was simple, both from a technical and financial point of view.”

Farid Illikoud, IT security and compliance officer, PMU, France

“After fully reviewing several solutions, AP Pension found LogPoint to be best-in-class.”

Mette Ketting, Security Manager, AP Pension, Denmark
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“The outstanding offering – in terms of features, look and price – was LogPoint.”

Paul Woods, information security officer, Durham County Council, United Kingdom


Simple and effective methods for protecting your business from reputational and financial damage


Intelligent insight into your business’ level of compliance available 24/7 to decrease the risk of penalty

IT operations

Actionable, real-time insight into your IT infrastructure to drive business value

LogPoint as a SIEM tool

A security information and event management (SIEM) solution is central in a risk management toolkit. A great SIEM tool allows businesses to improve threat detection and response by providing real-time data analysis, early detection of data breaches, data collection, data storage and accurate data reporting.

LogPoint’s next-gen SIEM solution provides advanced threat detection, security monitoring, forensic investigation tools and incident response.

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LogPoint offers any IT infrastructure of any size the ability to orchestrate their cybersecurity efforts across all systems and applications. Combining intelligent real-time automatization with incident response platform analytics that allows an IT team to concentrate on the most important issues.

Delivered with more than 400+ use cases for implementation offering instant value. The product is shipped as a virtual, physical appliance or as a piece of software, allowing an organization complete flexibility in deployment.

LogPoint is licensed on the number of devices sending logs to a system and organizations can scale their deployment while maintaining transparent cost-projections for their SIEM.

LogPoint offers user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) to achieve situational awareness before, during and after responding to breaches. Utilizing machine learning, LogPoint’s UEBA builds baselines for every entity in the network, without creating predefined rules or signatures. Acting as a force-multiplier for your security analysts in reducing expert-rules, false positives and prioritizing alerts.

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LogPoint delivers market-leading solutions for advanced analytics for security and business intelligence accelerated by machine learning


We care a lot about the people we work with. Our customers’ requirements come first, and we remain dedicated to meeting their existing and evolving needs


Committed to providing you the right partners tailored to meet your unique cybersecurity needs LogPoint has forged strong partnerships around the world


With the LogPoint license and pricing model, your worries of data limits instantly disappear, allowing you to scale for future needs in a predictable manner


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Because we know finding information in the digital age can be overwhelming, we’ve compiled materials to provide context so you can understand how to utilize our solutions

GDPR: When, why and who?

If you conduct business in the European Union (EU) or processing personal data of EU citizens, you should be familiar with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

LogPoint has seen time and time again that customers deploy our solutions to solve an issue pertaining to compliance or risk, while harvesting substantial benefits from their IT operations. By allowing first-level supporters direct access to core infrastructure information in a clear and controlled manner – the time needed to fix issues is reduced which keeps your organization on the move.

Implementing a SIEM solution from LogPoint is relatively easy. We have worked hard to provide GDPR and other “out-of-the-box” use cases which translates into clear benefits from day one. LogPoint immediately starts collecting logs, so you get a fast and comprehensive understanding of the data flows in your organization through easy-to-read dashboards.

New observations will come into play as LogPoint reveals data flows previously unknown to the enterprise. This new real-time view enables you to focus on critical issues and areas of non-compliance.


GDPR requirements ensure your business protects personal data and privacy of EU citizens.  The regulation creates a clear legal environment in which to conduct business, and should improve trust in the digital economy

Types of cyber threats

What keeps you up at night? The debilitating impact of cybersecurity threats in recent years is a growing concern. The fact is, no business – regardless of size, location or industry – is invincible. Learn more about some of the most damaging threats so you can regain control of your IT infrastructure

Why choose us


Identify attacks and respond immediately


Be compliant and connect safely with the world

IT operations

Get real-time insight into your IT infrastructure

Top 10 use cases to implement

There is growing demand for SIEM solutions as companies confront the security and business challenges that pop up during their day-to-day operations. These are the top 10 SIEM use cases and behaviors that LogPoint can detect in your infrastructure.

Implementing a SIEM solution from LogPoint is relatively easy. We have worked hard to provide GDPR and other “out-of-the-box” use cases which translates into clear benefits from day one. LogPoint immediately starts collecting logs, so you get a fast and comprehensive understanding of the data flows in your organization through easy-to-read dashboards.

Tech and understanding

We’ve teamed up with the best of the best to support both customers and partners through our top-10 SIEM use cases and behaviors


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