LogPoint UEBA Explore Dashboard

Redefining SIEM and UEBA

  • Automate threat hunting with turn-key anomaly detection
  • Accelerate detection, investigation and response
  • Flat price per asset
LogPoint UEBA Explore Dashboard
LogPoint AD User Management Dashboard

Investigate and Analyze

  • Leverage the power of one common event taxonomy to quickly cut through the noise
  • Easy correlation of data from all applications
  • Cutting-edge visualisation
  • Industry-leading deployment time
LogPoint Configuration View

Fits your Security Strategy

  • Any data source
  • Cloud, on-prem, as a service
  • Start detection right away
  • Built to scale
LogPoint Configuration View
LogPoint UEBA Risk Dashboard


  • Efficient incident handling
  • Quickly take action in responding to security threats
  • Fits to your infrastructure with API integrations

We’re trusted by amazing customers around the world

“The choice was simple, both from a technical and financial point of view.”
Farid Illikoud, IT Security and Compliance Officer, PMU, France
“After fully reviewing several solutions, AP Pension found LogPoint to be best-in-class.”
Mette Ketting, Security Manager, AP Pension, Denmark
“The outstanding offering – in terms of features, look and price – was LogPoint.”
Paul Woods, Information Security Officer, Durham County Council, United Kingdom

SIEM Buyer’s Guide

LogPoint has published a SIEM Buyer’s Guide based on the extensive experience among the analysts and engineer in our pre-sales support team. It will walk you through the process of getting to a next-gen SIEM solution, regardless of whether you are currently using an older, antiquated SIEM or whether you are new to the world of SIEM.

LogPoint Buyers Guide: Understand what makes a SIEM next-gen and whether your legacy SIEM is ready to retire