One of the main challenges for security professionals is the increasing number of silos. Among all of them, identity and access management stand out, especially when it comes to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP).  

According to Gartner, we should expect an increase in the delivery of Identity and Access Management (IAM) services through MSSPs. As they stand at the forefront of the evolution of cybersecurity, they also face the challenge of securing multi-tenant environments within SaaS security operations platforms because they must deal with a multitude of clients.  

Sergio Lozano Álvarez
Sergio Lozano Álvarez

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In response to this problem, centralized access management (CAM) emerges as a game-changing solution. This way, MSSPs can efficiently deliver security operations while ensuring the highest level of identity and access security for each client in multi-tenant SaaS environments. 

The conundrum of multitenancy 

In SaaS applications, the concept of multitenancy, in which a single instance of software serves multiple clients, is prominent. This offers scalability and cost-effectiveness for both MSSPs and clients; however, it also begs the question of whether data is properly isolated and user access controlled. 

As each client has its own security posture, compliance requirements, and access needs, the relevancy of identity access management is paramount for MSSP. The juxtaposition of multitenancy and efficiency in workflows becomes a dilemma for MSSPs due to the challenges to offer reliable, yet efficient, multitenant security services. 

How MSSPs can offer reliable IAM in multitenancy 

For starters, they need to guarantee the data segregation to make sure that data from one client does not bleed into another. This could potentially expose sensitive information or compromise security configurations. 

In addition, MSSPs need to have granular control user roles, ensuring that analysts working on specific client accounts have access to relevant data and configuration options, but don’t have full control over all client environments. 

SOC administrators must manage user roles for analysts and these, in turn, juggle with multiple credentials and security consoles for each client; logging in and out. This makes the job of both administrators and analysts cumbersome as they spend more time making sure they are not the cause of a security incident. 

All this together, the ghost of failure of compliance is always present. If identity and access are adequately managed, demonstrating compliance adherence becomes easier for both MSSPs and clients. 

Centralized Access Management as the way to go for multitenancy 

For multitenant SaaS security operations platforms, CAM portals act as the perfect space to facilitate the job of analysts and SOC administrators while ensuring the tenant’s instance is secured. They centralize user authentication, authorization, and access control, allowing MSSPs to deliver security services to their clients efficiently and without risks. 

They address the aforementioned challenges of data segregation and role-based access control without compromising on ease of identity and access management or compliance. Single Sign-On (SSO) streamlines the analyst experience as they don’t have to deal with multiple login credentials. They can log in once and access all authorized resources within the SecOps platform, regardless of the specific client they're working on. 

Another important aspect is the ability of MSSPs to have a centralized view of all their tenants in one dashboard. That way, they can easily manage user access, permissions, and security policies, ensuring they abide by each client's specific needs and compliance requirements. 

Screenshot of Logpoint Portal where one can see the instance or tenant on the top, access to the different resources (Support, Documentation, Knowledge Center, Status Page, etc) on the bottom, and access with thumbnails and buttons to Logpoint's blog posts.

Logpoint Portal for Centralized Access Management is much more 

Being aware of these challenges that SOC administrators and analysts face, we provide a platform that allows efficient multitenant security operations and addresses proper identity and access management. 

Logpoint Portal brings a new logging journey for users and a solution for SOC administrators in MSSPs. SOC administrators get a central platform from where they can manage the access of several users across multiple tenants.  

In addition to this, analysts can use central authentication to access several tenants with single sign-on and maintain credentials for each tenant. This saves time to analysts as they do not have to log in and out each time. It also simplifies the work of SOC administrators because they do not have to create a user account for each analyst that works with each managed tenant. This portal reduces the risk of accidental access and compliance failure. 

On top this, all Logpoint SaaS users, whether they are MSSPs or single tenant, can benefit from a hub full of resources. With direct access to support, knowledge center, the latest blog posts, or release notes, they have all our resources and services one click away.