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Cybersecurity for healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations

Protecting patient data
The healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors are in the business of saving lives and keeping people well. It’s noble work. But they also handle personal and sensitive information that is increasingly digital and needs to be easily accessible.

With the rise of cyber threats and data breaches, regulatory changes are requiring these institutions to care for more than just the patient’s ailments. They’re also responsible for keeping their patients’ data secure, making healthcare cybersecurity and information security a priority.

And there’s significant incentive to do so. A breach can have huge consequences for both patients and businesses if this data is compromised. For healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations, a breach is very expensive – as of 2017, the average cost of a data breach is $3.6 million.

To do this, the industry needs to strategically manage and respond to records access, which requires extra time and resources that many don’t have in the face of drastic reductions in insurance reimbursements. For the patient? Well, they’re vulnerable enough without needing to also worry about their sensitive personal data being compromised.

The standard tool in healthcare

IT solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical institutions often include an array of proprietary applications and systems that have to be linked within an IT security framework. LogPoint’s highly flexible cybersecurity software architecture solves that problem.

Rooted in Scandinavia, LogPoint has become the standard cybersecurity tool for managing logs within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. Some of the most advanced hospitals in the world use our next-gen SIEM solution to safeguard their patient information.

Types of cybersecurity threats to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

Insider misuse is a major issue for healthcare and pharmaceutical cybersecurity. In fact, it’s the only industry where employees are the predominant threat actors in breaches. The requirement for staff to be able to access unhindered sensitive information is the perfect breeding ground for identity theft.

It’s not only malicious activity that could impact your organization. Human error is another risk worth assessing – as it is in any industry. Misdelivery of information and improper handling of sensitive data exposes your organization to a high risk of data loss.

Ransomware is another direct healthcare and pharmaceutical cybersecurity threat. While this type of attack usually doesn’t allow for breach confirmation, ransomware has the potential to directly impact the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical IT solutions for healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations. With a recent spike in ransomware attacks, it’s important to prepare for the possibility of an incident of this kind and harden your systems accordingly.

Let’s take a look at how LogPoint can help you approach and remediate threats to your industry.

Privilege misuse

What if the threat is coming from inside your company’s four walls? The ability to detect lateral movement and suspicious or abnormal behavior in the network prior to exfiltration can defend against an insider threat. LogPoint uses UEBA and exhaustive compliance regimens to monitor and detect fraud in enterprise applications, infrastructure including Account Directory and cloud-based services such as Azure, AWS and Salesforce. With LogPoint, you can:

  • Monitor administrative accounts to alert and report on access attempts
  • Validate new accounts that haven’t been activated without appropriate approval
  • Track access to mailboxes and identify potential misuse
  • Detect sudden changes in user, operator or server behavior by combining anomaly detection with advanced correlation
  • Uncover and audit configuration and policy changes
  • Identify attempts to exfiltration data
LogPoint detects privilege misuse in critical infrastructure solutions

Human error

LogPoint detects human error in IT solutions for healthcare

Unintentional data breaches are common in healthcare, and the potential to leave your patient’s sensitive data wide open to the public. Simple employee mistakes can become expensive incidents that can damage your organization’s finances and reputation.

LogPoint monitors network access, policy changes, file system activity and file access to help you identify misconfiguration, mis delivery and disposal errors. With LogPoint, you can:

  • Employ retention policies to guarantee that sensitive patient data isn’t kept longer than necessary
  • Ensure disposal of sensitive data on a granular level by applying routing policies directly to your data
  • Review your system configurations from a single pane of glass to rapidly identify misconfigurations that have the potential to render classified information public
  • Identify policy misconfigurations before classified information is rendered public


Ransomware is a rising threat nowadays, especially in healthcare. When fighting ransomware, planning and forethought are crucial to limiting the impact and quickly recovering with minimal disruption. One of the most important aspects is the time used to detect it. The longer a ransomware is active in an enterprise, the larger the impact and costlier it is to recover.

LogPoint gives insight into indicators of compromise through monitoring the health of your systems via integrity and vulnerability scanners, firewalls and

With LogPoint, you can:

  • Detect vulnerable sources to identify potential access points for an attack on your infrastructure
  • Baseline your enterprise to capture anomalous activity happening on your network
  • Identify any spike in file creation, renaming or deletions by a specific user or process
  • Create alerts for unusual data activity on storage systems within a certain period of time

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