About us

Logpoint provides cybersecurity solutions that protect the digital heart of organizations.

Our core belief lies in creating software that augments security teams to make confident decisions, feel justified in their choices, and be more efficient when protecting their organizations. That principle has earned the trust of more than a thousand organizations worldwide.

SIEM+SOAR, UEBA, and our SAP solution is second to none when bolstering security teams in the fight against the ever-evolving threat landscape. We provide a single source of truth that eliminates the mundane, silences the noise, and provides teams with the necessary environment to advance cybersecurity in their organization.

In taking these steps, we enable innovative, forward-thinking organizations to convert data into actionable intelligence, which supports cybersecurity, compliance, IT operations, and business analytics.

Logpoint automates repetitive tasks and orchestrates workflows in every step of the threat remediation process. By executing playbooks, organizations reduce human involvement, freeing up security teams so they can focus on protecting their organizations.

Our team is dedicated to making the most innovative, intuitive, and sophisticated cybersecurity platform available.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with offices across Europe, the USA, and Asia, Logpoint is a multinational, multicultural, inclusive cybersecurity company. The company’s culture prioritizes passion, innovation, team spirit, and client satisfaction.

Logpoint’s mission is to augment security teams’ capabilities by providing a platform for automated protection and insights – empowering them to solve the hard problems faced in today’s threat landscape.