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User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) – enhance the intelligence of your SIEM

Advanced attacks and pervasive threats to your organization often rely on compromised credentials or coercing users into performing actions that damage enterprise security. So, detecting the use of compromised credentials is a top priority for security teams around the globe. To identify these types of attacks – including low and slow attacks, you need a solution that allows analysts to quickly determine normal vs. abnormal activity on your network.

Technology solutions that offer advanced detection and classification capabilities based on machine learning, behavioral analysis and deep domain knowledge accelerate detection and investigation of these attacks.

LogPoint’s user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) solution enables security analysts to get real-time insight into vulnerabilities before they become a threat. With the help of these insights, your security team can easily foresee and prevent attacks and data breaches from happening.

The advantages of LogPoint’s SIEM+UEBA

When a UEBA solution joins with a next-gen SIEM solution likes ours, it’s a powerful force. It enables your organization to achieve awareness of your security posture and the threat environment before, during and after breaches. Our UEBA uses machine learning to build baselines for every user and entity in the network.

Actions are then evaluated against these baselines, allowing analysts to identify the normality of activity. Instead of creating complicated, predefined rules to define what’s allowed, your analysts can spend more time investigating issues that can’t be detected through signature-based alerts.

If a malicious activity is detected by the UEBA, LogPoint sends output in the form of risk scores and other contextual information in real-time. Because user behavior can be correlated back to the original SIEM events, you can also perform more advanced analytics. UEBA saves your analysts time and hassle by enabling them work in one interface.

Other key benefits of LogPoint’s SIEM and UEBA include:

  • Reduced cost of SIEM implementation
  • Reduced number of false positives
  • Reduced attack surface
  • Predictive pricing based on the size of your infrastructure rather than the volume of data and events
  • Increased visibility into your organization
  • Simple installation and configuration

With our UEBA module, you’ll get the following use cases from the moment you turn on the machine:

  • Malware and ransomware detection
  • APT detection
  • Lateral movement detection
  • Abnormal host logons
  • Non-standard hours
  • Multiple-host logons
  • Credential misuse
  • Data exfiltration
  • Abnormal file access
  • Abnormal document and resource access
  • Mass permission changes
  • Snooping
  • Privilege and authorization management
  • Mass changes to critical enterprise groups
  • Sensitive user status changes
  • Changes regarding privileges


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