Global cyber onslaughts were witnessed in 2023 across industries, affecting many organizations, and exposing millions of records, leaving no digital domain unscathed. Throughout the year, many data breaches, DDoS attacks, CVE exploits, zero-day exploits, supply chain attacks, and rampant ransomware activities were witnessed and world events such as the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas conflicts played a role in the increase of cyber attacks.


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With the rise of AI, the chase between attackers and defenders took sophisticated turns. The landscape saw AI-assisted phishing scams, deepfakes adding more credibility to the attacks, and whatnot. The ransomware count escalated and depicted some record-breaking numbers.

Here are some highlights:

  1. Over 84% of confirmed Known Exploited Vulnerabilities resided in the high-critical zone, demanding immediate mitigation.

  2. A total of 5,613 ransomware attacks were documented, representing a 42% increase compared to 2022.

  3. Dominant ransomware groups like LockBit3, Clop, and AlphV persisted while emerging threats gained traction.

  4. Takedown of botnet infrastructures and the seizure of multiple ransomware group sites.

This extensive research looks into the realm of cybersecurity in 2023 retrospectively with an emphasis on the rise of trends in cyber attacks. Learn about what emerging threats, new and old, stole the spotlight in 2023, identify their attack patterns, and compare our predictions for 2024 with the previous threat landscape.