Early Access Program:
Ensuring product quality

Become a key part of Logpoint’s product lifecycle and get early access to the newest features. By trying out unreleased software, you get a say in deciding what’s important to build the future of security operations.

Join Logpoint’s Early Access Program (EAP) to start using new features, versions, and products before anyone else

What’s better than using security products of quality?
Being a part of their development

As part of the Early Access Program, you can get priority access to unreleased versions of features and products to help us understand what’s important for your business.

You will work directly with Logpoint, so together we can create products that make a difference for you and other organizations.

What’s the Early Access Program?

To ensure the quality, reliability, and usability of our products and reinforce their customer centricity, we pass our releases through a strict quality test, whether they are SIEM packages or new products.

This process consists of three phases.

In this phase, the development work is done and the release is shared internally to our technical teams. We test the release and gather feedback. Then, we fix any bugs and issues found during this phase.

During the Priority Access phase, we search for customers like you, who have expressed interest in this or similar releases, and we invite them to test them and share their feedback with us. In this instance, we also monitor the performance and usage of the release and make necessary adjustments based on the feedback.

With all the feedback collected, the release is ready to move to the General Availability phase. Customers and partners can now enjoy a bullet-proof product that caters their needs.

How does the Early Access Program Work?

Join the Early Access Program

Contact our Customer Success team to get listed as a tester for the Early Access Program, and we’ll notify you when there’s a release available to test.

Get notified

Whenever there’s a new release that meets your needs available for testing, our Customer Success team will reach out and give you more information.

Test out the release

Once installed, you can start testing the release and benefiting from it. Of course, we’ll be there for you if you have questions or need additional support.

Share your feedback

We value your insights and we’d love to hear from you: what worked, what didn’t. So, we can build product that support real customers’ cases.

What’s in it for me?

Test software with ease, we give you hyper care support

Your feedback is invaluable. It helps us identify what to improve, and we want to thank you by offering you free hyper care support. This wat, you can test our software releases knowing we got your back at all times.

Not only will you get early access to products and functionalities before anyone else, but also our dedicated Support team will be there for you. They will be on standby to provide assistance and address any queries or concerns during the testing phase at no extra cost.

How can I enroll?

Contact your Support or Customer Success representative to join Logpoint’s Early Access Program and let’s build quality products together.

Frequently asked questions

Whatever you consider brings value to your organization. The scope of testing will focus on use cases and aim to validate product functionalities, so we will only ask you to test those releases you might be interested in.

You’ll get free access to hyper care support, this means that our Hyper Care support team at Logpoint will be on ready to help you with any issue related to it during the testing phase at no extra cost.

We’ll roll out the release to you if you are a SaaS customer or provide you with the file to install the new product version if you have on-prem deployment. In addition to it, you’ll receive detailed product documentation to guide you through the testing process and ensure a seamless experience.

We give you total freedom as we collect feedback as it comes, but we might contact you every two weeks to check the release is working as expected or you have some insights you might want to share with us. However, you can give us your feedback reaching out to our Customer Success team or raising ticket for support.

Absolutely, it is secure and safe. Our releases have previously been tested by our engineering team during the Internal Preview phase, where we gather feedback and fix any bugs and issues found prior to invite customers for feedback.

Any customer interested in testing a release can be eligible for this program. Our Customer Success team will evaluate your request to find a match between our upcoming releases and your profile to determine how soon we can send you something to test.

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