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At Logpoint, we are committed to supporting you in your journey to cybersecurity maturity. We provide support, training, and additional services that help you realize the full benefits of our platform. 

Need help? 

Logpoint Community

Find answers, ask questions, and get tips from other Logpoint users.

Service Desk

Download Logpoint, explore self-service help or contact our support team.


User and admin guides, and product documentation  

Additional Logpoint Support and Services 

Logpoint Extended Support 

As a customer, you have access to our standard support, which includes services during business hours and well-appreciated response times. As you grow, you may need more. In that case, you can upgrade your plan to access 24/7 support and high-priority response times. 

Logpoint Customer Success 

Our customer success team works tirelessly to ensure you have the best experience with Logpoint throughout your entire journey, starting with onboarding. They offer Logpoint Success Plans to speed up the implementation and configuration process and assist you in getting the most of the Logpoint platform.  

All Logpoint customers have access to our Standard Success Plan, including selected services for smooth onboarding. In addition to standard services, you can purchase Extended Success Plan packages for: 

  • Installation and Deployment
  • System and User Configuration
  • Log Source Configuration
  • Developing and Implementing Use Cases 

Logpoint Academy 

Our Certified User, Administrator, Director, and SOAR training courses have long been popular with customers and partners. Our training is perfect for those new to Logpoint or existing users who want to strengthen their skill set and their knowledge about our platform. 

Operations Monitoring 

If you opt for on-premises deployment, you can benefit from our operations monitoring services.  

Our dedicated team monitors and maintains the system, ensuring that the Logpoint solution is always up-to-date and operating optimally. This frees up time spent on system maintenance, so customers can focus on high-priority tasks like investigating and responding to threats.