Sizing your SIEM solution is a vital step when you are scouting for new security tools. It directly impacts the performance of your SIEM and the storage required to operate it efficiently and we are pleased to say that we have simplified the process for you.

How we size up your requirements

The usual metrics to measure when sizing a SIEM are:

  • Events per Second (EPS)
  • and Gigabytes per Day (G.B./day) indicating the volume of data processed in your network.

Estimating the EPS and GB/day accurately can often be a challenge when implementing a SIEM as data volume and frequency vary so much. Our calculation is based on the number of nodes (number of devices/endpoints) in your network. This includes servers, routers, switches, firewalls and other network devices and applications.

How will Logpoint help simplify this?

Using our years of experience in sizing customer SIEM solutions in all ranges, we have developed the Logpoint SIEM sizing calculator  – A tool that you can use to see how a predictable pricing model paired with an industry-leading solution can help your business security infrastructure.

Using the calculator, once you have entered the number of nodes (devices in your network) we’ll provide you with an estimate of the EPS and Gb/day generated. This enables you to choose the optimal configuration for you SIEM solution. 

The cost of a Logpoint SIEM solution is based on the nodes that are sending logs (data) to our SIEM and not based on the volume of data. Therefore this method and model facilitates your use of Logpoint SIEM without having to consider increasing data volumes and it also enables you to predict the cost of your SIEM solution accurately.

Once generated, the SIEM Sizing tool will show the total number of nodes included in your calculation and allow you to request a quote for a Logpoint SIEM solution at the push of a button and you can generate a PDF report of your calculation. Check it out.