Sizing your SIEM solution right is important, as it directly impacts the performance of your SIEM and the storage required to operate it efficiently. Two key numbers are the amount of data generated in your network, measured in Events per Second (EPS) and Gigabytes per Day (GB/day) that help size your SIEM solution right.

Estimating the EPS and GB/day can often be a tedious task when implementing a SIEM. At LogPoint, we have years of experience in SIEM implementation and sizing customer installations in all ranges correctly. Based on our experience, we have developed a simple LogPoint SIEM sizing calculator to help you estimate the EPS and GB/day.

The calculation is based on the number of types of devices (nodes) in your network, that you want to include in your SIEM project. This includes servers, routers, switches, firewalls and other network devices and applications.

Once you have entered the numbers for the devices in your network, we will provide you with an approximation of the EPS and Gb/day generated. This will allow you to choose the optimal configuration for you SIEM solution. The approximation is based on historical data we have collected, and while results are usually accurate, the amount of data in the actual installation may vary.

At LogPoint, we license our SIEM solution based on the number of devices (nodes) that is sending data (logs) to our SIEM and not based on data. This allows you to use our SIEM without any consideration for increasing data amounts and it also enables you to predict the cost of your SIEM solution accurately. Consequently, our SIEM sizing tool will also show the total number of devices (nodes) included in your calculation, allowing you to know the exact cost of your LogPoint SIEM solution.

Most other SIEM vendors license their solutions based on EPS and/or GB/day. An additional benefit, our SIEM sizing calculator provides is to help you figure out what the cost of SIEMs based on data volume will be like for your organization.

This is the first version of the LogPoint SIEM sizing calculator, which will receive additional user-friendly updates in the future. So, do check back here.

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