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Cybersecurity for public administration

The double-edged sword
For government institutions, operating efficiency is a must. And IT systems are helping to meet that need, enabling easier communication, accessibility, mobility, convenience and productivity. But with that connectivity comes the risk of data breaches.

Public networks – government, commercial and personal – are facing an unprecedented level of intrusion. Adding to the problem, many government agencies use off-the-shelf products that are connected to the Internet – exposing nations and organizations to cyber terrorism and criminality. With software and operating system vulnerabilities becoming a cornerstone of modern cyber warfare, government agencies’ IT infrastructure is more vulnerable to unexpected attacks than ever before. Government information security relies on the right solution – now, more than ever.

How LogPoint can help

Many government agencies tasked with securing data may not have the right solution to do so. It’s a problem – but one with a solution. That solution? LogPoint. LogPoint’s seamless, quick reporting on unusual behavior in the network easily adapts to compliance requirements specific to your agency or institution. By keeping an eye on everything going on in your network, LogPoint positions you to address a possible breach quickly, limiting potential damage.

Case study

Durham County Council is one organization deriving value from LogPoint, thanks to extensive compliance management and reporting – all with a cost-effective pricing model.

Cyber espionage

Being able to detect suspicious activity around sensitive and classified information is the first step to securing your infrastructure against data exfiltration.

LogPoint monitors your organization’s infrastructure by observing behaviors around enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle, often storing key information subject to sabotage and espionage.

With LogPoint, you can:

  • Protect essential business processes, sensitive data and intellectual property by tracking behavior around and access to privileged information
  • Track unauthorized network or system access linked to state-affiliated actors and/or possible espionage
  • Monitor admin rights of external parties to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information
  • Identify potentially malicious inbound communication from suspicious domains or identified threat sources to secure your organization from phishing attempts

Learn more about cybersecurity controls for boundary defense here.

Privilege misuse

LogPoint detects privilege misuse in critical infrastructure solutions

What if the threat is coming from inside your company’s four walls? The ability to detect lateral movement and suspicious or abnormal behavior in the network prior to exfiltration can defend against an insider threat. LogPoint uses UEBA and exhaustive compliance regimens to monitor and detect fraud in enterprise applications, infrastructure including Account Directory and cloud-based services such as Azure, AWS and Salesforce. With LogPoint, you can:

  • Monitor administrative accounts to alert and report on access attempts
  • Validate new accounts that haven’t been activated without appropriate approval
  • Track access to mailboxes and identify potential misuse
  • Detect sudden changes in user, operator or server behavior by combining anomaly detection with advanced correlation
  • Uncover and audit configuration and policy changes
  • Identify attempts to exfiltration data

Human error

Unintentional data breaches are common in healthcare, and the potential to leave your patient’s sensitive data wide open to the public. Simple employee mistakes can become expensive incidents that can damage your organization’s finances and reputation.

LogPoint monitors network access, policy changes, file system activity and file access to help you identify misconfiguration, mis delivery and disposal errors. With LogPoint, you can:

  • Employ retention policies to guarantee that sensitive patient data isn’t kept longer than necessary
  • Ensure disposal of sensitive data on a granular level by applying routing policies directly to your data
  • Review your system configurations from a single pane of glass to rapidly identify misconfigurations that have the potential to render classified information public
  • Identify policy misconfigurations before classified information is rendered public

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