LogPoint delivers the best Customer Experience in the SIEM industry and is applauded for being an effective partner, a friendly negotiator and consistently over-delivering according to customers

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK and BOSTON, US – April 21, 2020LogPoint, the Modern SIEM, and UEBA company is named a Champion and industry leader in Info-Tech’s Software Reviews 2020 Emotional Footprint report for SIEM. With an overall Customer Satisfaction score of 9,3 vs. the 8,2 industry average, LogPoint is defined as an “Outlier” among Champions.

Peer Reviewers and customers are ranking LogPoint as #1 when it comes to caring about the relationship, providing effective service, and maintaining client friendly policies. With a net emotional footprint of 95 out of 100, LogPoint emerges as a clear leader among the 12 SIEM vendors evaluated in the Emotional Footprint report.

“We are incredibly proud to receive top scores in 13 out of 25 questions in the Info-Tech report. Being customer-centric is one of our core values, and I also believe it’s the fundamental LogPoint business model that earns us the accolade in the Emotional Footprint report”, says LogPoint CEO Jesper Zerlang.

“While the cost of other SIEM solutions are based on data volume and inevitably grows as time passes by, LogPoint’s node-based licensing guarantees that the investment is transparent and predictable. Customers simply don’t face difficult and potentially dangerous choices in prioritizing SIEM coverage of their infrastructure,” says Zerlang.

The Info-Tech Emotional Footprint report is designed to measure user sentiment and uncover the perceived time-to-value of the software. Among the criteria evaluated, LogPoint scores particularly high on being an effective business partner, a friendly negotiator, and inspiring to customers. But one score in particular stands out.

“The report documents that LogPoint consistently over-delivers to our customers. We score 86% vs. the 61% industry average, setting us 25% apart from other SIEM vendors. As professionals, we all know how important it is to get exactly what you expect, and how thrilled we become when we receive even more,” says Jesper Zerlang.

LogPoint Modern SIEM and UEBA solutions provide the analytics and automation tools that enable customers to securely build, manage and effectively transform their businesses. LogPoint serves 1.000+ customers globally with the support of a robust global partner network, including more than 60 leading Cybersecurity providers and MSSP’s across the world.

In the 2019 edition of Info-Techs Software Reviews Data Quadrant Report for SIEM, LogPoint emerged as an industry leader with an overall score of 9.1 out of 10 and ranking #1 in 13 out of 22 evaluation criteria. The 2020 Emotional Footprint validates LogPoints position as a SIEM technology and customer experience champion.

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