All your investigations in one place

  • Track and manage all security incidents: Case Management ensures that you take care of all tasks related to incidents and threats are not overlooked.
  • Automatically identify trends and patterns: Gain context and focus on the bigger picture with automatic incident grouping into cases.

  • Optimize collaborative investigations: SOC teams work in harmony and become more efficient as they keep track of changes and additions.

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SOC teams face too many challenges

Too many and too different tasks

On a daily basis their range goes from alert ranking and compliance to incident monitoring and response.

Too many alerts and complexity

They constantly review alerts to distinguish real threats from false positives in entangled networks and infrastructures.

Too many vendors and silos to operate

SOc teams deal with too many tools that don’t always integrate and operate across different teams.

SOC teams need better case management

For organization and visibility

Collecting incidents without organizing them is a recipe for disaster. The number of alerts will continue growing and, without context, they will soon outgrow the SOC team. Collecting and grouping incidents are essential to properly manage them for investigation and response.

For improving processes

SOC teams should be able to identify patterns of incidents that don’t seem related at first. When investigations get more complex, tracking their status is key for follow-up actions, which can be efficiently orchestrated through collaboration between analysts.

How Logpoint Case Management works

Logpoint Case Management connects the data ingested from all your IT infrastructure and threat intelligence with automated investigation and response playbooks.

First, Logpoint SIEM ingests and collects all the logs, enriches them with threat intelligence and contextual data, and raises alerts in the event of an incident.

A playbook investigates the incidents and automatically creates a case. All artifacts and details related to the case are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework for rapid response.

Stay on top of all security incidents, big or small

Get an overview of all your incidents grouped into cases. You and your team track and understand what happened through the course of an investigation and automated response.

All cases are marked by easy-to-understand parameters, such as owner, severity, status, or creation and modification date. You can sort and filter the case list according to them.

Leave no stone unturned. With all security incidents available at a glance, you can focus on the most acute cases to quickly resolve and close investigations. 


Higher SOC efficiency and maturity

When SOC teams collaborate to investigate and respond to incident together, they become more efficient.

With Logpoint Case Management, admins can access and assign cases to their team, and these can also add comments, tag their fellow analysts, and leave them notes that clear the path for the next action.

As time is precious, it takes one click to easily summarize the process of the ongoing or finalized case in a report.

Understand what really happened

Investigating cases can easily become a complex task, leaving analysts bewildered in the process. It requires an understanding of how all the pieces fit together.

Logpoint Case Management maps all incidents against the MITRE ATT&CK framework to help you identify the tactic, techniques and procedures in the cyber kill chain employed by a malicious actor. You can also make sense of the case at a glance with an easy-to-read graphical overview.

Communicate and Collaborate

Communicate and collaborate

Assign cases, adjust their severity, and include attachments and contextual data for your team to help them during the investigation.

Get the full story

Get the full story

All the prior investigation in one timeline. No need to deep dive to find out what happened, all incident data at your fingertips.

Automate Response

Automate response

Run playbooks directly from the case. All details and parameters are automatically populated for a more efficient response.

From SIEM to Cyber Defense

Looking to consolidate your tech stack? See how Logpoint SIEM fits with Automation, Case Management, and Behavior Analytics in one platform that combines data sets from multiple sources. Instead of using multiple standalone products, you can unify your security needs under one single source of truth.

  • Full data integration for automated TDIR
  • No integration or maintenance required
  • Out-of-the-box compliance support
  • Flexible deployment based on your needs

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