All you need for security in one single platform

  • Consolidate your tech stack: Unify security event management, automated investigation and response, behavioral analytics, and forensics to achieve your security goals.
  • Drive security from end to end: Know to trust your systems by identifying and preventing risks, detecting incidents, and responding with a plan.
  • Scale up security, scale down TCO: Combine multiple tools to reduce the number of point solutions, vendors, and integrations you must maintain.

Over 1,000 Organizations Across 70 Countries Trust Logpoint

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1 platform – 4 solutions

From one single platform, you can drive log management and compliance use cases, automation and orchestration, incident case management, and user and entity behavior analysis.


Out-of-the-box integrations

Logpoint integrates with hundreds of third-party security and operations solutions. Increase visibility, boost TDIR, and improve efficiency with over 500 out-of-the-box integrations.


Bundled pricing

Save more than 27% when purchasing Logpoint SIEM together with Automation, Case Management, and Behavior Analytics. Buy three add-ons, get one for free.

Did you know that you can turn your
SIEM solution into a Cyber Defense Platform?

When log management is insufficient, organizations tend to use more security software. Cybersecurity programs become increasingly difficult to manage with too many tools, vendors, and clunky, homemade integrations that don’t remove silos. This translates into less efficient operations and a lack of access to the necessary data sources.

When you consolidate the security tech stack into one platform, you are also centralizing your cyber defense. Logpoint unifies security under one single source of truth, with no integration or maintenance required.

Full data integration makes possible the automation of TDIR processes, optimizing your team’s time and effort. You can also monitor your system’s configurations to find vulnerabilities and compliance failures. By centralizing prevention under a single pane of glass, you can anticipate attacks using machine learning and avoid data loss.

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Consolidate Your Tech Stack

Reduce complexity, increase usability. Using multiple standalone products, only lead to unnecessary costs, including maintenance and effort integrating the data.

Unify your data, all of it. With Logpoint you deconstruct data silos to empower your security team and let them work smarter.

Drive Security from End to End

Responding to threats requires full integration of data from any source and across any endpoint and workstation. Rest assured, knowing you can spot vulnerabilities, identify suspicious activity, and contain threats with one single platform.

With several security technologies seamlessly integrated, you can swiftly go from incident detection, investigation, and response thanks to high observability, ML-AI, and automation and orchestration capabilities.

Scale up your security, scale down your TCO

Achieve efficiencies of scale with a platform that enables you to move forward in your cybersecurity maturity journey regardless of your size. Small companies save resources instead of knitting together various tools and gain context to understand alerts and grow. Larger organizations can merge all data sources to get the granularity needed for their operations.

No matter the industry or size of your organization, you reduce the total cost of ownership of having many tools, their maintenance, and the time spent operating them.

What we do differently

Fast time to value

Fast time to value

On-prem or SaaS, you or Logpoint handle the architecture. Either way, the time and effort for onboarding and deployment are minimal.

Security up to date

Up-to-date security

Logpoint ensures platform availability, performance, and updates, including new functionality and detection logic – Effortlessly.

Constant improvement

Logpoint collects feedback on product updates and detection, improving the identification of new threats and your security posture. 

Better security controls

With detection logic in the cloud, Logpoint experts can help customers with feedback on how to improve the current setup. 

Access latest security content

Latest security content

All Logpoint releases come with new ready-to-use detection rules and playbooks for emerging threats to keep you protected.

Predictable TCO

Logpoint server licensing is based on data sources and workstations, so you can implement the use cases you need without additional costs. 

Easy to scale

Easy to scale

Add use cases as needed. No need to predict their scope and breadth on initial deployment. Get access to 500+ out-of-the-box integrations.

Data isolation

Logpoint is EAL 3+ certified and complies with SOC 2 Type II criteria. You can rest assured that your data is isolated and protected in totality.

Do you want to expand your cyber security?

Book a personal demo and discover the benefits of combining Logpoint security products in one single Cyber Defense Platform. Our Sales Engineers will work with you to find the best way to address any specific use case you have.