Logpoint has appointed Ajoomal as a new distributor in Spain to address the growing interest in Logpoint solutions in the Iberian market to counter the intensified cyber threat that organizations face today.

COPENHAGEN and MADRID– March 8, 2022Logpoint has announced the appointment of Ajoomal as its new distributor in Spain. With Logpoint, Ajoomal will offer a complete cybersecurity operations platform built on SIEM, SOAR, UEBA and SAP security technologies to its customers in the Iberian market.

Ajoomal specializes in the cybersecurity domain, providing resellers and MSSPs with innovative and comprehensive solutions for over 29 years. Adding Logpoint’s converged SIEM solution to its portfolio enables Ajoomal to offer a leading solution for event and log analysis combined with vulnerability assessment, system monitoring, machine learning-driven behavior analytics and threat detection to its customer base in Iberia.

“We are excited to partner with Logpoint because their solution fills a gap in our portfolio. Organizations at all market levels need a next-generation SIEM solution to protect themselves against cyberattacks,” says Reinaldo Rodriguez, CEO, Ajoomal. “In a time with rising ransomware attacks, changes in the threat landscape and shortage in cybersecurity skills, Logpoint’s security operations platform offers innovative security response and automation that brings cybersecurity efficiency to businesses of all sizes.”

Logpoint recently converged its SIEM and SOAR offerings into one solution, allowing it to collect more significant volumes of data than traditional SIEM systems and process it more accurately. It empowers security teams to make faster and better-informed decisions and avoid false positives. Additionally, SOAR automates investigation and response using playbooks, freeing up security analysts’ time and reducing potential damages and disruption that incidents can cause.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ajoomal as our new distributor in Spain. Their specialization in cybersecurity puts them in the best position to understand the developments in the market; trends and threats, and provide organizations in Iberia with the means to stay secure in the most cost-effective way,” says Victor Valle, International Sales Manager, Logpoint.

Logpoint 7 just released combining the analytical capabilities of SIEM with the powerful response tools in SOAR. With SOAR included at no additional cost and packed with out-of-box use cases, playbooks, and ready-to-use integrations, LogPoint 7 is a complete platform to accelerate detection and response, allowing organizations to reduce cybersecurity risk, increase security operations efficiency and improve cyber intelligence.

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