• Logpoint enters a strategic partnership with Prianto to make it easier for MSSPs in Central Europe to help customers manage security risks and protect against cyber threats in a scalable and efficient way.

COPENHAGEN & MUNICH, June 18, 2024 – Logpoint today announced a new partnership with the value-added software distributor Prianto to empower MSSPs in the Central European region to detect, investigate, and respond efficiently to cyber threats on a larger scale.

“We’re excited to partner with Prianto to meet European MSSPs’ demands for security outcomes and help them get a scalable foundation to grow,” says Sven Bagemihl, Logpoint Regional Director CEMEA. “Our joint competencies ensure that more MSSPs can use Logpoint to solve the swivel chair operation challenges that managing multiple deployments causes. Together, we instead enable them to focus on scaling their compliance and cybersecurity services without the need to increase staff.”

Founded in Germany in 2009, Prianto has become a leading software distributor with a focused vendor portfolio. Partnering with Logpoint enables Prianto to add Logpoint Converged SIEM and Logpoint Director to their portfolio of technology-comprehensive software solutions. Logpoint Converged SIEM accelerates threat detection, investigation, and response by combining multiple security tools into one platform. Logpoint Director is a platform tailored for MSSPs to operate multiple SIEM deployments.

“Logpoint has really thought through the challenges faced by MSSPs and SOCs, offering multi-tenancy to make it easier to manage environments across customers. That is a game-changer for MSSPs looking to enhance collaboration and save time and resources,“ says Miro Milos, Prianto Director Business Unit Security. “In addition, Logpoint can deliver a pay-as-you-go, predictable pricing model, which is convenient to use and makes it easy to scale up and down as needed.”

The European Union has introduced the Network Information Security Directive (NIS) 2, which comes into effect in October. In addition, the Federal Office for Information Security in Germany has established the German IT Security Act 2.0 to increase cybersecurity in organizations operating critical infrastructure. The new regulations and existing ones, like GDPR, clash with using technology providers from third countries like the United States, where many security vendors are based.

“We share Logpoint’s focus on Europe. The new and expanding compliance regulations in the cybersecurity domain drive demand for more security services and force organizations to look at European providers,” says Miro Milos, Prianto Director Business Unit Security. “For MSSPs to capture the demand, having a European-based vendor is just more valuable, and Logpoint’s European foundation is a great strength in this regard.”

The partnership comes into place at the heel of the announcement of Logpoint’s new MSSP program, designed to help MSSPs capture opportunities with the tools, resources, and support they need.

You can read more about the MSSP program here.

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