LogPoint partners with leading Japanese network security provider, to provide foundational cybersecurity technology to customers in Japan. Introducing automation, increased speed and precision in incident response, bringing SOAR to organizations of all sizes.

COPENHAGEN & TOKYO, Oct. 27, 2021
LogPoint, the global cybersecurity innovator, today announced Jupiter Technology Corp., based in Tokyo, Japan, as a certified partner. Jupiter Technology is the first LogPoint partner in Japan and the latest addition to the growing number of LogPoint partners in the Asia/Pacific region.

“I’m thrilled to announce Jupiter Technology as our first certified partner in Japan. We believe there is a big opportunity for LogPoint in this market to deliver a solution that is simple to implement and use yet providing sophisticated, innovative technology with an inherent focus on security and privacy. We also believe the predictability of the LogPoint licensing model will appeal to customers in Japan,” says LogPoint CEO Jesper Zerlang

LogPoint provides an integrated, foundational Security Operations platform, including its Core SIEM solution, UEBA, SAP security, and SOAR. LogPoint accelerates the detection and response to threats, introducing new levels of automation and precision. It enables customers to convert data into actionable intelligence: supporting cybersecurity, compliance, IT operations, and business analytics.

Jupiter Technology, founded in 2001 is a leading provider of log & network management and security in Japan serving more than 5.000 customers. The company delivers a portfolio of more than 20 management and security products providing localized support for its customers ranging from SMB’s to large enterprises and the public sector.

“With the recent rapid digitization of businesses, explosive growth in data volume, and increasing complexity of IT infrastructure environment, cyberthreats and insider threats have also become critical issues for enterprises in Japan. Many SIEM products require advanced technical skills to operate, and prices are often based on the ingested data volume making cost unpredictable,” says Yukihiro Ishikawa, President of Jupiter Technology Corp.

“We see LogPoint as a superior SIEM and UEBA provider delivering the highest level of security and quality based on an innovative business model. LogPoint is designed to be easy to install and operate and offers a highly scalable and flexible architecture. With a licensing model based on the number of nodes rather than data volume, LogPoint provides very predictable pricing and significantly reduces the risk in deploying and managing a SIEM solution” says Yukihiro Ishikawa.

The partnership between LogPoint and Jupiter Technology is announced on the heels of LogPoint’s September 22 announcement to advance foundational cybersecurity capabilities by including SOAR in its core SIEM solution as standard. Introducing automation, increased speed and precision in incident response, bringing SOAR to organizations of all sizes in the Japanese market.

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