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IT Operations

When it comes to your IT security and cybersecurity operations, LogPoint is all about efficiency. We know that in order for you to extract the most value from us and from your own business, you need actionable, real-time insights about your IT infrastructure. That’s why we support a proactive approach to understanding your network and how it interacts outside your walls.

This starts with getting a firm grasp of the scope of your IT operations, which encompasses all the people, processes and services that keep your infrastructure up and running. Your operations team is responsible for maintaining the consistency and reliability of systems across the business. This means keeping a constant eye on the network infrastructure and addressing any performance issues as they occur.

Any lag in your IT security operations can have a significant impact on your performance and reputation, giving your competition the opening it needs to acquire your market share. Monitoring application performance and asset integrity and providing rapid troubleshooting are all essential to keeping your operational health in optimal condition. Information analytics and automation technologies have been shown to improve productivity and reduce costs by helping employees do more with less. It also helps to circumvent problems before they pop up and self-apply solutions if they do.

Simplifying the process

LogPoint can help your IT operations run smoothly by delivering contextualized insights directly to your analysts. When you deploy our next-gen SIEM solution onto your network, numerous devices can send data to the LogPoint system, and actions can then be tracked and compared against registered changes, answering the following questions:

  • Were the changes carried out as defined?
  • Which deviations from the plan were made, and why?
  • Did the changes occur within the defined scope of the ticket?

By measuring network traffic and using data comparisons, LogPoint can pinpoint when service degradation began. Comparing error messages with incidents in the network greatly reduces the time needed to resolve situations and run root-cause analyses.

Accelerated decision-making

With LogPoint you will be able to:

  • Reduce time-to-resolve and root-cause analysis
  • Realize noticeable savings and optimize costs
  • Get an overview of patterns and  identify outliers
  • Detect anomalies and prevent problems in real time
  • Proactively monitor the infrastructure and correlate events across all of your systems

Our solutions are comprehensively backed by analysis and correlation studies, enabling you to easily assess the IT security and cybersecurity posture of your network and applications. These solutions also enrich your experience and allow you to capitalize on the information your business’ infrastructure already provides. We just help you translate it. This will allow you to apply data learning to critical business decisions and reduce the complexity of your systems.

Additionally, you’ll gain the ability to oversee network activities based on events from equipment and network flow data, such as bandwidth, statistics, bottlenecks, changes in configurations of network devices and more. You’ll be able to enrich your logs with data/information from other sources, such as files, databases and applications and reduce time-to-resolve with comprehensive orchestration of workflows across your security infrastructure.

LogPoint has been designed to adapt to and meet your business’ requirements thanks to tailored configuration. Among the services we provide:

  • Monitoring all infrastructure components and mapping them to your service level agreements
  • Employing data-enrichment to IT governance systems, coupling actual incidents, changes and problems to agreed modifications to the infrastructure
  • Configuring dashboards to match the needs and requirements of each user, providing clear reports and overviews on levels and margins
  • Creating tickets for known bad events and even configuring scripts to execute when incidents with resolutions reoccur
  • Using an API and event engine to push events to external operations management systems, meaning operations teams have fewer tools to review on a daily basis

Incident analysis

Fast performance and precision analytics offer IT teams rapid insight into incidents across your infrastructure. Real-time, actionable insights from raw machine data help increase operational efficiencies, streamline compliance for regulatory mandates and strengthen your business’ security posture.

Many businesses have processes in place to describe how to manage changes in their infrastructure, including handling problems and incidents and measuring capacity and resources. But a change in the IT environment can translate to more than just management suites, security updates or software/hardware errors. It also involves system and business owners. Many of these changes require:

  • Cross-expertise involvement, including application development, network and security architecture and server/storage skills
  • Identifying the root cause of an incident throughout different domains of expertise and often with limited staff
  • Tracking and registering changes with clear service level agreements, transparency and accountability

Simply put, LogPoint’s network and process integration, proactive monitoring and alerting and tailored reporting can cut through organizational complexities.