In less than half a year, Captivate has completed a nationwide deployment of the LogPoint SIEM solution. Across Captivate locations and 1,600 Class A office towers all over North America, LogPoint is providing real-time cybersecurity and support for compliance and IT operations.

Copenhagen & Boston – 15 July 2020 – In January LogPoint, the Modern SIEM, and UEBA company, began implementing a nationwide SIEM solution at Captivate, North America’s leading location-based digital video network. The roll-out was completed earlier this year, and currently, LogPoint monitors hundreds of devices in the Captivate network. In the near future, the installation will be expanded to include 12,000 elevator and lobby media screens.

“Implementing the LogPoint SIEM solution has been a key element in our strategy to provide the most efficient and secure digital video network in North America. The installation was completed in record time, and results have been immediate,” says Stephen Statires, Enterprise Architecture Manager at Captivate Inc.“In less than three months we have actually implemented state of the art cybersecurity monitoring and compliance reporting in our internal network which includes infrastructure, applications, and operations monitoring, and have decided to expand the scope to include all office buildings we manage, including elevator and lobby screens” says Statires.

The LogPoint SIEM solution allows Captivate to immediately detect cyberthreats anywhere in the network. The platform provides a comprehensive and centralized view of the state of cybersecurity and provides advanced analytics and threat hunting capabilities to the Captivate cybersecurity team.

“Captive is a great example of our ability to integrate into a complex infrastructure, and very quickly provide tangible value for cybersecurity, operations, and compliance teams,” says Søren Laustrup, LogPoint founder and Managing Director of LogPoint Americas. 

“We met Captivate for the first time at Info-Tech Live in November, inked the deal in December, began implementing in January, and a few months later, we are providing value across America,” says Laustrup.

While time-to-value was a critical factor in the selection of the LogPoint SIEM solution, another important element was the LogPoint True Predictive node-based licensing model. Based on nodes rather than data volume or EPS, it makes the cost of a LogPoint SIEM solution 100% predictable and reduces the cost of deploying a SIEM.

“The amount of data that flows through our network only goes one way and that is up. In fact, we rely on that fact by providing engaging, quality content to our customers. The traditional SIEM license model offered by other vendors means that our SIEM cost would be unpredictable and ever-growing. With LogPoint, we know exactly what the cost is. Now and in three years,” says Stephen Statires.

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