How Logpoint helped The Lowry automate their
PSS compliance and readied them for GDPR

The Lowry is a flagship arts center based in Manchester (United Kingdom), combining performance spaces, art galleries, cafes, bars, and educational facilities. Their IT team upgraded to Logpoint’s SIEM in spring 2016.

“An invaluable diagnostic, compliance and safeguarding tool that’s relied on every day. It’s cheaper and better than our last SIEM, and the support is excellent.”

Darren Mullin, IT Manager,

The Lowry

The challenge

The Lowry takes thousands of credit card payments each year, and they have an extensive database of customer information. Logpoint helps them automate their PSS compliance and puts them ahead of the game for the GDPR implementation in 2018.

The solution/value derived from Logpoint

One of the most valuable aspects of Logpoint’s SIEM solution for The Lowry is our advanced diagnostic capability. Day-to-day file access, email analysis and network monitoring queries are dealt with quickly and effortlessly, delivering ROI through hours of saved management time.

The immediacy of Logpoint’s dashboard reporting means anomalies are quickly identified and dealt with. Since installation, Logpoint has already alerted managers to a potential security issue and pinpointed a problem with the box office ticketing system before sales and customer service were affected.

As Darren Mullin said “The search function is brilliant, easy to use and REALLY quick!”