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LogPoint as a tool for compliance automation

Meeting compliance can be costly and complicated. But that investment is minimal compared to the costs of fines, legal costs and a damaged reputation.

While regulations vary, compliance is usually tied to your ability to act according to audit requirements.

That means:

  • Identifying the risks your business faces
  • Designing and implementing controls to protect your business from those risks
  • Monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of those controls
  • Resolving compliance difficulties as they occur
  • Advising on rules and controls

That’s a lot to take in – and there’s also the task of managing the mountains of log data you’re compiling. But don’t worry, we have a solution for this.

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LogPoint means compliance

Our Modern SIEM solution is designed to handle the vast amounts of data you generate and automate most compliance requirements – so your ops-team doesn’t have to. Here’s what LogPoint can do for you:

  • Automatic data collection for all types of event data
  • Store event logs for easy access to complete, secure audit trails
  • Rapid threat response for identification, remediation and reporting
  • Flag policy and compliance violations
  • Validate that controls are in place and optimized
  • Correlate volumes of diverse events, and track underlying issues to their origin
  • Document incidents
  • Out-of-the-box and customizable compliance reporting
LogPoint AD User Management dashboard
LogPoint for User Activity Monitoring widget

User activity monitoring

User Activity Monitoring has long been the cornerstone of any efficient defense strategy. By design, LogPoint provides analysts with an intuitive and powerful tool to identify malicious activities, create alerts, dashboards, and reports so they can get an overview and counteract immediately. Primarily for data privacy and regulations, user activity monitoring focuses on activities associated with file access. LogPoint can monitor this using native object access audit records. Additionally, LogPoint’s FIM application monitors any access attempts to privileged file share systems and provides information on the type of access and the actions performed in the file. Additionally, the original and the altered checksums can also be compared to better understand access behavior.


Object access attempts


label=Object label=Access | chart count() by user, access, object order by count() desc

LogPoint monitors International Data Transfers widget

Monitoring international data transfers

LogPoint’s intuitive visualization helps to plot data points for connection requests across the geopolitical boundaries. With an overview of top destination and source countries along with top inbound/outbound connections, LogPoint provides any organization with a detailed overview of cross-border data flow, ensuring lawful data transfer complying with the GDPR.


Trend of outbound data transfer by geo location


source_address=* destination_address=* | process geoip(destination_address) as country | timechart sum(sent_datasize) as OutboundData by country

LogPoint monitors International Data Transfers widget
LogPoint SIEM detects Unauthorized Access widget

Spotting and tracking unauthorized network or systems access

LogPoint enables you to detect any suspicious and/or unauthorized network behavior such as connection attempts on closed ports, blocked internal connections, connections made to known-bad destinations, requests initiated from untrusted zones, suspicious system access and many more.


Threats in higher privilege systems


label=Connection label=Allow source_address IN PRIVILIGE_SYSTEMS | process ti(source_address)|search et_ip_address=* | rename et_category as category | chart count() by ip_address, category order by count() desc

Computerome – The Danish National Life Science Supercomputing Center

Computerome - Supercomputer for Life Science, strengthens security with LogPoint

With LogPoint, Computerome – The Danish National Life Science Supercomputing Center has:

  • a flexible platform that can integrate with their systems at scale
  • real-time monitoring of security controls
  • real-time data analysis to early detect possible data breaches

By providing easy access and overview for administrators, auditors and regulators, LogPoint helps support the tough compliance requirements at Computerome.

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