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SAP® SIEM security monitoring and compliance

It’s your most critical business information. And most vulnerable to malicious and unintended attacks.

Do you have control? You can’t underestimate the importance of combating security threats against your SAP environment through SIEM SAP security monitoring tools. A number of vulnerabilities can put your data at risk:

  • Insecure code
  • Missing security patches
  • Uncontrolled remote access
  • Active SAP standard users
  • Transports/ SW-deployment
  • Unauthorized profile changes

Cumbersome log systems can make SAP monitoring, governance, risk and compliance costly, tedious and labor-intensive and after-the-fact. Until now.

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LogPoint for SAP realtime security monitoring

It’s a simple and effective solution for SAP realtime monitoring and compliance. Through SAP integration with SIEM security monitoring tools, you can detect anomalies, critical changes to master data and other potential business violations as they happen.

With SAP SIEM integration through LogPoint, you can:

  • Improve SAP security and risk management
  • Lower the impact and severity of audits
  • Transform risk into remediation
  • Meet compliance requirements, such as the GDPR, easier within SAP

How does it work?

LogPoint receives events by seamlessly fetching data from a variety of sources within your SAP environment. Such events include:

  • System log and security audit log
  • Profile/System parameters
  • Tables
  • Transport log & gateway configuration/log
  • Change documents, table change logging
  • Access control
  • Security patches
  • Transaction codes
  • Read access log, application ls

Data from the SAP system is converted into LogPoint’s common language event format. Users can continuously monitor SAP security compliance and find security-related events throughout with SAP realtime monitoring. Next, reports are generated based on audit guidelines and SAP security compliance recommendations. The findings can then be placed into a remediation cycle so IT or SAP team members can react to incidents and improve system security in real-time.

Customizable SAP SIEM integration

If you’re wondering how the systems integrate, the short answer is very well. Our customizable SAP security monitoring tools support special requirements and security policies. In fact, out-of-the-box, LogPoint has built more than 200 use cases and scenarios recommended for a basic SAP security baseline. These scenarios encompass all three of the core domains of a SAP implementation: application, users and data.