LogPoint vs. QRadar

Go beyond restrictive licensing models and unleash the full potential of SIEM and UEBA.

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How is LogPoint different than QRadar?

LogPoint customers can do more with a SIEM that scales with their needs – but doesn’t break the bank with increasing license costs based on EPS every year.

With LogPoint, filtering out critical data to stay on the budget is a thing of the past, and customers can get extensive security coverage of their entire infrastructure to enable robust security analytics, including a fully embedded UEBA solution all from the same interface.

LogPoint customers who compared our solution against QRadar most frequently cite the following advantages of the LogPoint Solution:

With LogPoint you have a consistent user experience across all components of our solution. We believe the UI should be a sleek experience in supporting your daily work. A simple, yet powerful UI provides analysts with better workflows and faster threat hunting capabilities to support acceleration of detection and response to threats.

LogPoint’s licensing is based on nodes sending logs rather than data volume.
With a LogPoint license, your worries of increasing data volumes resulting in SIEM cost exploding instantly disappear. The license is truly 100% predictable and transparent, which allows customers to scale and plan for future needs.

We believe SIEM pricing models based on GB/EPS is outdated. It forces customers to make difficult and potentially dangerous decisions on what parts of their infrastructure to prioritize. Threats continue to evolve, and data continue to grow. You shouldn’t be punished for that.

A full LogPoint deployment is often completed in days, rather than months as often seen with other SIEM vendors. LogPoint speed is mainly due to the amount of out-of-the-box content and the one single taxonomy, which eliminates time-consuming activities such as data mapping. Normal implementation time in LogPoint is 3-10 days, and as soon as data is ingested into LogPoint, customers start getting value from analytics.

Unlike QRadar, LogPoint is uniquely designed from the bottom-up to be a secure solution, that can be used by organizations with the strictest of requirements. LogPoint is the only SIEM solution certified to the Common Criteria EAL3+ standard, providing assurance that LogPoint software has been developed following rigorous quality processes and standards.

In addition, LogPoint has been evaluated by the national cybersecurity authority and included in the NATO Information Assurance Product Cataloque (NIACP). This means that LogPoint is pre-approved for use within military, intelligence services, critical infrastructure, and other industries where security is top-of-mind.

Right out-of-the-box LogPoint supports thousands of use cases across applications, including predefined rules, dashboards, and reports that can be deployed as a part of the implementation process or as requirements grow. We provide a simple, intuitive user interface that is easy to customize to specific customer needs, providing real-time situational awareness and easy drill-down into incidents.

LogPoint also include applications containing predefined reports, alerts, and dashboards for compliance with a large number of standards and regulations. These include: SOX, ISO27001 and 002, HIPAA. FISMA, BASEL-II, GPG13, PCI-DSS, and GDPR

LogPoint provides customers and partners global, market-leading, 24/7 support. We are committed to supporting our customers whenever they need it and wherever they are. Customers have support included as a part of their license, and our personalized service consistently receives a 96%+ customer satisfaction rating.

More than 200 passionate LogPoint employees are working together with 60+ certified partners, committed to creating business value for our customers around the globe. A dedicated Support and Customer Success team is in charge of your SIEM success, and are always happy to help with everything from troubleshooting to tuning analytics or queries to maximize business value.

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