By Christian Have, LogPoint CTO

Evolution is far from a linear process – just like in nature, many pathways open. Historically, far too many SIEM solutions have failed to adapt their technology to the modern needs of businesses. That is about to change. To stay relevant, SIEMs need to integrate with other essential cybersecurity tools, like SOAR, or risk finding themselves obsolete. In short, they need to start providing tangible and actionable value to the companies and security teams implementing them.

With LogPoint 7, SIEM and SOAR operate together to improve efficiency for SOC teams as well as increase transparency for executives at all levels.

Here’s how LogPoint 7 addresses the common problems that businesses face when it comes to their security management today.

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Improved communication across the board

As companies consider the consequences of security breaches, executives begin to ask the big question: “What do we do if this happens to us?”  The answer should be a rapid threat response with high, measurable effectiveness, informed by extensive threat intelligence.

But if your team—be it C-suite executives, SOC teams, or business-critical application staff—aren’t speaking the same language, then they can’t communicate risk management objectives effectively. Lack of accessibility means C-suite can’t accurately assess the status of their IT environment and systems.

It’s especially difficult to connect the dots between threat intelligence and response, and enterprise risk management. How can executives develop strategies for risk management if they don’t have the tools to understand these threats? And more importantly, how can they make the right decisions when it comes to prioritizing their responses?

Then, after deciding on a course of action, executives also need the proper tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their organization’s response to security threats. Was it effective in addressing the threat today and will your teams be better prepared for tomorrow?

Enter LogPoint 7—a converged SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR solution that works out of the box with extensive data integrations. By leveraging SOAR with your SIEM, you get a powerful solution that provides more effective and timely automated responses to security threats.

You know that a SIEM digests logs, defines playbooks, and gives you a meaningful way of dealing with what you’ve seen. And with LogPoint’s native SOAR solution, we’re effectively decreasing the time to detect and respond to a phishing email from several hours to just minutes.

When correctly deployed, LogPoint 7 lets you respond to threats faster and with far more structure, making your security responses more manageable and easier to communicate to everyone involved.


SIEM + SOAR = cost effectiveness

As businesses mature in development, they often struggle with the need for more features in case management. They need to know who’s assigned to each task and how long they should sit before someone acts on them. With that, they also need to have clear parameters defined for their incident criticality levels.

While a SIEM can alert you of any nefarious activity going on internally or externally—it doesn’t necessarily give you the tools to respond. As a result, many businesses resort to using separate tools like SOAR, to automate responses.

What sets LogPoint apart is that we offer SOAR as part of our SIEM to better respond to those threats. A SIEM and SOAR solution is essential since it provides you with a set of features that gives structure, repeatability, and scale to incident response.

By choosing LogPoint 7, you’re also improving the efficiency of your SOC teams. More efficient teams mean reduced overhead as well as better cost optimization in the long run. As your business grows, you can trust LogPoint to scale with you, managing cybersecurity threats without the need to hire large SOC teams waiting on standby.

A simpler integration process from the start

Today, there are tons of seemingly necessary tools on the market touting how they’re the next “ground-breaking” SIEM solution. But not all of them offer the same services needed to adequately protect your company’s data and privacy.

And when it comes to integrating them within your existing IT systems, it’s a nightmare—leaving your SOC teams overworked and overwhelmed throughout the process. LogPoint 7 is designed to solve that problem because our software integrates easily with your current setup.

For companies securing business-critical applications, then you can also trust LogPoint to easily integrate for full insight into your SAP system. Our converged SIEM, SOAR and UEBA solution is focused on improving quality and simplicity so that you aren’t stuck managing several different cybersecurity tools every day. On top of that, LogPoint better equips security teams to react quickly to potential threats and focus on the work that matters.

The all-in-one SIEM + SOAR solution for security teams

In recent years, we’ve been seeing an increase in the expectation that SIEM will take on additional roles – including from our own customers. Many of the feature requests we receive for SIEM are covered by SOAR capabilities. However, since enterprises consider SOAR solutions complex and beyond their reach, they try to get some of that functionality into the SIEM that they already have and know how to use.


Clearly, security-conscious enterprises need both SIEM and SOAR, and that’s what LogPoint 7 brings to our customers. With LogPoint 7, we’ve put SOAR capabilities within reach of enterprises who previously shied away from adopting SOAR. By coupling our SIEM and SOAR platforms into a pre-integrated solution, LogPoint 7 is paving the way for mid-tier enterprises to leverage both technologies and to benefit from a unified user interface, out-of-the-box playbooks, automation to do the heavy lifting, and most of all – simplicity.

Because at the end of the day, your SIEM is more than just a place to aggregate security events. It’s also the starting point for integrating threat intelligence into actionable insights and highly effective incident response by your security team.