By Gitte Gade, Product Marketing Manager, LogPoint

SOC teams often struggle with SIEM and SOAR systems by operating in different UIs and switching context between applications. This struggle leads to inefficiency for users.

LogPoint 7 helps you to work efficiently across tools. With this new release, LogPoint now offers the only SIEM+SOAR solution that collects, analyzes and prioritizes security incidents to help analysts identify and resolve incidents fast and keep businesses safe.

Improve SOC efficiency with consistent incident response

With SOAR being a native part of the SIEM, analysts get one out-of-the-box solution for the entire threat detection, investigation, and response process. A single tool for SIEM and SOAR helps security teams perform more precise and consistent analysis and response. Through normalization, correlation and adding contextual information, LogPoint transforms logs into high-quality data, which drives automated investigation and response and minimizes the operational overhead of translating alerts between tools.

Data from Cybersecurity Workforce Study indicates that employment needs to grow by 89% worldwide to fill the talent gap, which means that security teams must be efficient to avoid becoming overworked.

LogPoint 7 helps security teams be more efficient by automating tasks and providing structured workflows for many day-to-day tasks facing an overworked security team.

Helping analysts make the shift to security operations

With the introduction of SOAR as an integral part of SIEM, LogPoint helps security teams transition from mainly monitoring security via dashboards to automating what really matters to accelerate triage and investigation. With LogPoint 7, security analysts will spend less time manually monitoring and more time solving cases through orchestration and automation.

LogPoint 7

LogPoint 7 makes it easy for analysts to see the most important incidents and run playbooks to orchestrate and automate incident response.

Out-of-the-box security content helps guide analysts

LogPoint provides ready-to-use normalization, alert taxonomy, playbooks, use cases, actions and integrations that give security teams all the tools they need to investigate and response to incidents within internal and external systems.

LogPoint’s native SOAR solution decreases the time to detect and respond to a phishing email from three hours to 10 minutes. Also, cutting down time spent on mundane tasks helps reduce the cause of job dissatisfaction for security staff and curb burnout.

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