How many customers does LogPoint have?

As of September 1, 2019, LogPoint has approximately 1.000 customers across the globe, including customers served by MSSP partners

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Does LogPoint have any focus on specific industry verticals?

LogPoint globally serves a wide variety of customers, with tailored solutions to verticals such as Hospitals/Healthcare, Local Government, Universities, Energy/Utilities and among SAP users. With our EAL3+ certification, LogPoint is uniquely suited to serve governments, defence, police, intelligence agencies etc. LogPoint offers attractive, tailored, license models for Hospitals, Healthcare and Universities.

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Does LogPoint offer special licenses for Hospitals/Healthcare, Local Government and Universities?

LogPoint offers fair and transparent specifically tailored for Hospitals/Healthcare, Local Government and Universities. Pricing is based on the number of beds, inhabitants and students respectively and allows customers to include their entire IT infrastructure in the LogPoint solution at a fixed price, providing 100% predictable total cost of ownership.

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How is LogPoint licensed?

LogPoint is licensed on a per-node basis, and the full capability of the platform is unlocked through this license.

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How does LogPoint customers get upgrades, patches and add-ons?

LogPoint has an extensive and easy to use App Store for its customers and partners where they can access all optional/addon plugins etc. (free of charge)