• Paul Gower, Director Sales Engineering
  • Gail Carpenter, Head of Field and Channel Marketing
Detecting Inside threats can be difficult because legitimate credentials are being used to access company assets, causing unintentional or malicious harm to the company.  Many breaches result from compromised user accounts, where employees are tricked into installing malware on their computer.  Once inside the system, adversaries they can change permissions and even create new users, and in worst case scenarios, they can access protected data, meaning your confidential information is no longer under your control.
Did you know that using Logpoint User Entity and Behavioural Analytics (UEBA), part for the Logpoint Converged SIEM platform, can help detect early signs of unknown and internal threats by triggering and alerting whenever an insider behaves out of the ordinary.  
Watch our webinar where you will discover how to
  • Effectively mitigate risks by identifying threat patterns early
  • Enhance your understanding of the threat landscape. 
  • See UEBA in action, embedding insider threat capabilities directly to your security tool stack
  • Stay on top of the insider threat with more in-depth detection of unusual insider activities
  • Get visibility through machine learning and user behavior analysis to create baseline normal behavior for every user, device and peer group