Presenters: Sergio Lozano Alvarez, Product Marketing Manager, Louis Worrell – Sales Engineer
An increasing number of cyber-attacks are designed specifically to target endpoints, install malware, and gain unauthorized network access. The average cost per breach resulting from an attack on endpoints is over €8 million, which is more than twice the average cost of a general data breach. Endpoint security is vital, as it helps organizations reduce incident response times by containing attacks earlier.
Bringing  EDR capabilities into your security operations platform will help you secure your entire organization. 
Watch webinar where you will learn to
  • How to gain endpoint threat visibility to strengthen defensive capabilities.
  • Provide your team with threat and operational information about incidents, and better analysis of security issues.
  • See AgentX in action, embedding EDR capabilities directly to your security tool stack via Logpoint
  • Stay on top of your endpoint security with more in-depth detection of malware and faster response to threats by combining AgentX capabilities with SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA