Presenters: Sergio Lozano Alvarez (Product Marketing Manager), Henrik Berggren (Senior Sales Engineer).

Key Webinar Info: 

Threat hunting is gaining relevance by the day as organizations try to navigate through an ocean of threats – attempting to identify and address incidents their systems have missed.

There are three categories of threat hunting:

  • Known attacks based on Indicators of Comprise (IoC).
  • Indicators of Attack (IoA), proactive search based on a framework such as the MITRE ATT&CK.
  • Detection of abnormal behavior with machine learning, such as UEBA.

Did you know that an end-to-end SecOps platform such as Converged SIEM comes with extensive threat-hunting capabilities that strengthen your agility in triage, investigation, and response from one single platform and your overall security posture?

Watch our webinar where you can discover how to maximize your investment in Converged SIEM by:

  • Utilizing threat intelligence feeds to automate areas of threat hunting.
  • Automatically add context to what is happening in the network.
  • Providing analysts with orchestration and automation actions at their fingertips.
  • Focusing on alerts that matter most.