The threats 8base poses to organizations have made headlines, and we held a webinar discussing everything we know.

The ransomware group has established itself as a prominent player in the landscape, evident from the increasing number of victims whose data is leaked on their dedicated leak site.

Their primary focus is targeting small and medium-scale industries, indicative of their specialized approach.

Although their activities began in March 2022, it was only after May 2023 that a substantial increase in group activities was observed, placing them among the top 5 most active ransomware groups since June 2023.

Watch on-demand and discover more about 8base’s infection chain, how it operates, and how to leverage the Logpoint Converged SIEM platform to detect, investigate, and respond to 8base and other ransomware.

Read our report on 8base before watching and get up to speed on this Emerging Threat.


Presenter(s): Anish Bogati. Security Analyst, Sergio Lozano Álvarez, Product Marketing Manager, Edy Almer, Product Director.

Key Webinar Info:

  • What’s 8base and what are the main targets?
  • What ransomware variants do they use?
  • What can businesses do in case of infection?
  • How to use Converged SIEM against 8base.
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