Understand the basics in SIEM, cybersecurity and compliance

Complex cybersecurity

The amount of information available in the digital age is overwhelming. Thus, we have compiled a collection of materials to provide you the needed context to fully understand and utilize the LogPoint solution. Let us walk with you.
The LogPoint SIEM solution helps free security analysts from time consuming manual tasks

What is SIEM

Security information and event management (SIEM) is defined as real-time event collection, monitoring and analysis across disparate sources. Today’s next-gen SIEM solutions enable your company to react quickly and efficiently to any incident.

How to implement and manage

From design, installation, scalability and system scoping – let us provide an overview of the most important principles that your business needs to know to make cybersecurity, compliance and IT operations decisions.

Threat intelligence enabled by a next-gen SIEM solution

Advanced threat detection

Advanced cyber threats are more targeted than other cybersecurity threats. Anti-malware, other standard controls and endpoint solutions can fail to block or prevent these attacks. These threats require effort but they must be detected to prevent data leakage. Criminals only need a single vulnerability to carry out an attack.

GDPR as a business enabler

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affects all companies doing business in and with the EU – and that’s a good thing. The regulation is designed to improve data privacy by changing the way businesses manage and process personal data and helps businesses become better compliant.