Consolidate Your Tech Stack –
Accelerate Threat Detection and Response 

By unifying the foundational cybersecurity tech stack, you can arm the security team with automation and precision to solve complex cybersecurity issues and efficiently mitigate threats, resulting in a safer organization.

Over 1,000 Organizations Across 70 Countries Use Logpoint SIEM
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How We Help

Converged Platform

By combining SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, Endpoint Security and BCS for SAP security analysts are facilitated to become more efficient and consistent in threat response

Unmatched Automation

Playbooks allow analysts to automate across tools and increase security posture with no implementation required

Outcomes-Based Solution

Automatically get ready-to-use security content to ensure the detection of the latest threats 

Predict the Cost

Predictable licensing based on factors that are within your control – No unplanned price hikes, full predictability.

You are not left alone – Customers consistently praise the services and support team from Logpoint, and we pride ourselves in guiding you to success

Limits Customer Effort – Logpoint takes care of data mapping, equipped with thousands of prebuilt use cases, and delivers third-party integrations out of the box 

Keep improving – Based on your data, Logpoint automatically suggests analytics, workflows, and automation to increase your security coverage 


SaaS, On-prem, or Private Cloud?

Whether you need full control of your Logpoint solution in your own infrastructure or simply want a solution with zero infrastructure to manage, we provide the flexibility you need for deployment.

Each option enables you to unlock all the benefits. As a result – Time-to-value is significantly faster. 


Let us do the Heavy Lifting!

Our experienced research and security analyst teams specialize in SIEM and SOAR technologies, recommending and building playbooks, processes, and assisting organizations in automating workflows. 

Get Started with Logpoint

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