Fast Facts

  • OS Credential Dumping (T1003) is a critical cybersecurity threat.

  • It involves stealing credential materials from compromised systems.

  • Adversaries use various techniques to extract credentials stored within operating systems.

  • Early detection and remediation are crucial against OS credential Dumping to limit the possible damage.

Swachchhanda Shrawan Poudel
Swachchhanda Shrawan Poudel

Security Research

In today's digital era, cybersecurity concerns loom big, with attackers continuously improving their strategies for gaining unauthorized access to critical data. One such risk is OS Credential Dumping (T1003), which allows attackers to acquire credential materials from compromised computers. This Emerging Threat Report delves into the specifics of this risk, its consequences, and how businesses may protect against it.

Understanding OS Credential Dumping

OS Credential Dumping falls under MITRE ATT&CK®'s Credential Access Tactics. It includes several sub-techniques geared to certain portions of the Windows environment. Here are some of the key techniques covered in this report:

  • T1003.001: LSASS Memory

  • T1003.002: Security Account Manager (SAM)

  • T1003.003: NTDS

  • T1003.004: LSA Secrets

  • T1003.005: Cached Domain Credentials

  • T1003.006: DCSync

Each approach focuses on certain sections of the Windows operating system where credentials are stored or processed, intending to extract sensitive information that allows attackers to gain deeper access to the network.

The Impact and Risks

Credential dumping is frequently a prelude to more severe cyber disasters, such as ransomware attacks, in which stolen credentials enable lateral movement across networks and privilege escalation. This makes OS Credential Dumping more than simply a way to collect passwords; it is a vital stage in the chain of assaults that endanger data integrity and operational continuity.

How Logpoint Secures You Against OS Credential Dumping

Logpoint understands the dynamic nature of cybersecurity threats. Our Emerging Threats Protection team detects and successfully responds to OS Credential Dumping attempts using sophisticated threat intelligence and specific detection rules. By combining our products, businesses may improve their capacity to detect, analyze, and eliminate such risks before they escalate.


OS Credential Dumping is a severe issue for enterprises globally. Businesses can better protect against this persistent danger by knowing its techniques and implementing strong cybersecurity safeguards. Stay aware and cautious, and collaborate with cybersecurity specialists such as Logpoint to protect your digital assets from new attacks.

For more information on how Logpoint may assist in defending your organization, visit Logpoint's website or contact our Customer Success Team.