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You can’t overstate the importance of preparing for security threats against your SAP environment through SIEM. LogPoint is your answer. With world-class integration, our Modern SIEM solution allows for controls within compliance, IT-security and operations within the SAP environment.

Threat intelligence enabled by a next-gen SIEM solution

Threat intelligence

Threat intelligence is a holistic aspect of cybersecurity strategy that helps you comprehend risks from the most common to the most severe external threats. These include zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats (APT) and exploits. LogPoint can arm you with threat intelligence feeds to your own network to help you fend off attacks by initiating security activities to stop malicious behavior.

LogPoint cloud integration

Cloud integration

LogPoint comes loaded with support for an increasing number of cloud sources. We fully integrate with SalesForce, Office365, Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Regardless of where your services are, LogPoint connects and ingests relevant events and incidents, allowing for seamless correlation between data sources.

LogPoint supports any log sources

Log sources

LogPoint comes ready with hundreds of out of the box integrations. Our customers and partners can get ready-to-use controls, dashboards, reports and alerts implemented within minutes. Here’s a brief overview of selected log sources that come built into our solution.