By: Gitte Gade, Product Marketing Manager

A 2022 study showed that the number one problem MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) clients face today is security issues, especially focused on the risk of Ransomware attacks. The same study also showed that almost 75% of the MSSPs had more than 20% of their customers who experienced a cyberattack within the last year.

These answers show increased pressure on MSSPs to protect their customers and respond quickly to emerging threats.

It has always been profitable for MSSPs to leverage knowledge for multiple customers by applying the information from one tenant to others without requiring additional time and resources on such tasks. However, today this is becoming increasingly important.

Logpoint offers several options and features that assist MSSPs to work more efficiently and protect their customers against threats.

Here are two tips for MSSPs using Logpoint:

Tip #1 – Querying across tenants

If you notice a pattern of events and anomalies in one of your customer instances, you can query across tenants to check for similar risky behavior in other instances. This capability helps you to identify and contain risks and threats earlier while decreasing the investigation time.

Especially for zero-day attacks across customers, this ability is a valuable tool to deliver an effectual service to your customers.

Watch how Logpoint Search Master allows you to perform searches and manage analytics in Logpoint Director.

Tip #2 – Distribute content and integrations

With Logpoint, you have better control of the multitenant infrastructure because you can manage all plugins, patches, integrations, and analytics content from one single place.

This central control of the software for all tenants makes it easier to distribute the content and integrations to all the customers and keep them up to date, which saves time and increases your operational efficiency.

Watch how Logpoint Director Console helps you to manage configurations, install applications and perform analytics across all instances in your Logpoint environment

Do you want more tips and tricks for using Logpoint for your customers? We have a webinar on February 9th where Product Manager Edy Almer and Regional Director Matthew Rhodes will provide more tips and tricks for MSSPs and show a bit about the product features coming up in 2023.

Read more and sign up for the webinar here.


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