By Gitte Gade, Product Marketing Manager, LogPoint

LogPoint now offers a cloud-native SIEM platform that combines SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA capabilities into a single, unified cybersecurity platform. The cloud-native platform gives SOC teams a single solution that effectively manages cyber threats and reduces business risks.

Data from Cybersecurity Workforce Study indicates that cybersecurity employment needs to grow by 89% worldwide to fill the talent gap, which means that security teams must simplify their processes and leverage their tools and systems to avoid becoming overworked.

Quick and easy deployment

Enterprises looking to implement a new SIEM system often face a complex and lengthy deployment that can be difficult and expensive to customize to fit their needs completely. Cloud-based SIEM removes the need for hardware setup, manual maintenance, and worrying about upgrades to the system.

The new LogPoint cloud SIEM platform offers an easy and quick deployment that requires less training for the internal SOC teams.

A single pane of glass

SOC teams are challenged with complicated systems and navigating between different vendors of cybersecurity solutions, like SIEM and SOAR. Analysts are less effective when they use multiple, disparate tools because they need to shift focus between different UIs and switch contexts between various applications.

LogPoint offers the only cloud-native SIEM+SOAR platform that collects, analyzes, and prioritizes security incidents to help analysts identify and resolve incidents fast and keep the business safe. With global navigation that provides analysts with seamless case investigation flows, LogPoint’s cloud platform gives SOC teams access to built-in detection, investigation, and response playbooks.

One platform that works for all enterprises

LogPoint’s cloud-native platform makes it easy for all enterprises to leverage technology advances such as automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to advance their cybersecurity posture and maturity.

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