Streamline SAP security patch management to safeguard your business from unnecessary threats.

SAP continually releases security patches to bolster the system’s defenses against new vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and software bugs. However, manually understanding these technical changes and evaluating the relevance of each patch is time-consuming, taking over 100 days on average for an SAP customer. Because of this, patches often get reviewed reactively, posing a significant security risk as cyber attackers deliberately target SAP systems lacking the latest updates. Acknowledging this challenge and recognizing the need for a solution prompted the launch of the  Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer.  

Aida Grollov
Aida Grollov

Product Marketing Manager

What is the Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer? 

The Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer is a powerful tool that automatically reads the technical content and matches the release version of the patch with the release version of the system. This helps you to efficiently determine the relevance of the patches and prioritize them, ensuring you stay consistently ahead of the curve. 

In addition to this, the Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer provides a comprehensive overview of:

  • Components: the system status is automatically extracted, enabling customers to get an overview of the various software component versions and their patch levels.  
  • Component version: provides further insights into the SAP system, such as Kernel, Database, Library, operating systems, etc.  
  • SAP GUI: This is used by clients to connect to the SAP system. To reduce vulnerabilities, it is important that the clients use the latest version. To ease this task, we provide the full overview of the SAP GUI versions that the clients are using. 

Key benefits:  

Simplifies vulnerability management with automation

Boost efficiency, strengthen your security posture, and increase application uptime by leaving the monitoring of SAP patches and configurations to automation.  

Provides complete overview and eases prioritization of security-critical patches  

Our user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive view, allowing you to promptly evaluate the status of the patches and prioritize those crucial for your system's viability. Efficiently address the most critical issues first, with actionable insights. 

Instantly available  

Vulnerability Monitoring Analyzer is an integral part of BCS for SAP. It operates instantly without additional installation and configuration efforts.