How is LogPoint different from other SIEM vendors?

LogPoint is increasingly replacing both legacy and Modern SIEM products for a variety of reasons. These include superior advanced analytics, including out-of-the-box UEBA, short time-to-value and our transparent, node-based licensing model, which ensures True Predictive pricing eleminating the risk associated with pricing based on data volume, EPS and users.

Other reasons given by customers for choosing LogPoint includees user experience, ease of use, as well as the quality of support and service.

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Does LogPoint develop functionalities to specific industry verticals?

While we are very mindful to the requirement of our customers. For Instance we have been very focused on enabling data access for non-expert users In the Healthcare-sector where we have developed an “Applied Analytics” solution allowing doctors and nurses to navigate SIEM data seamlessly. Another example is our efforts to certify the LogPoint SIEM solution to the EAL 3+ level, which is a requirement among governments, defence forces, police, intelligence agencies etc.

How does LogPoint perform Proof-of-Concept (POC)?

LogPoint has a standardized program for executing pilots and POCs. Customer success criteria must be defined to ensure the best outcome, and to optimize the business requirements to provide maximum value. Typically, a POC doesn’t take more than 2 weeks from the start of installation to end-of-evaluation.

Benefits from the standardized program include faster MTTR, efficient and relevant configuration and making sure the customer gets full value from LogPoint capabilities and the out of the box content. The POC and customer onboarding program ensures that the customer is appropriately equipped to operate LogPoint and get maximum value from their investment as quickly as possible, resulting in superior time-to-value

How is LogPoint deployed?

While the formal deployment process will vary depending on the partner involved, LogPoint has a well-regarded pre-defined process that most partner and customers adopt. It is mirrored our POC process adding critical operational criteria and templates. Deployment is most often initiated through a 1-2 day workshop with key stakeholders, ensuring a smooth implementation with clear roles and responsibilities.

Overall, this process ensure the best and fastest time-to-value of any SIEM/UEBA solution on the market, whichh Is documented by reviews in Gartner Peer Insights and Info-Tech Software Reviews

What LogPoint deployment form factors are available?

As LogPoint runs on a hardened version of Linux Ubuntu 16.04, Individual LogPoint modules or all-in-one appliances can be installed on all of the requested form factors and have full compatibility between each other regardless of the form factor chosen.

This provides superior deployment flexibility to the customers and is one of the significant reasons that LogPoint has achieved the EAL3+ certification, which is the highest active certification of any SIEM vendor

Does LogPoint offer a managed version of the SIEM platform?

The LogPoint SIEM solution is very well suited for deployment in a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) setup, offered by specialised LogPoint MSSP partners

MSSP partners perform all required management and monitoring services worldwide and on a 24/7 basis. MSSP partners are supported by LogPoint with advanced tools, portals, templates, and 24/7 human support.

For customers that prefer to run their own SIEM solution, but require base-level service, LogPoint offers basic monitoring services where our support team ensure that the LogPoint installation is operational “live” and respond if downtime is experienced