Certified Logpoint training courses and workshops

At Logpoint, we’re committed to offering top-notch training sessions and workshops for our customers and partners. We strongly believe that enablement and continuous education are the cornerstones of effective day-to-day work and positive user experience. With our diverse course portfolio, we provide training options – at all levels – for security professionals, partners and MSSPs.

We currently offer the following training courses:

  • Certified Logpoint Administrator
  • Certified Logpoint User
  • Certified Logpoint Director
  • Advanced Admin
  • Advanced User

Educational focus

Certified Logpoint training courses

A holistic approach to security management characterizes certified Logpoint training courses. Whether you are a security analyst, administrator, user or an MSSP, our training courses will provide you with deep insight into Logpoint, tailored to your organization and role.

Learning objectives

Our Certified User, Administrator, and Director Training have long been popular with both customers and partners. Our training is perfect for those who are new to Logpoint or are existing users who want to grow their skill set and acquire information about new product features. Throughout a two-day training session – or five days if completing User, Administrator and Director training, attendees will gain valuable insights about:

  • How to implement, configure, fine-tune and deploy a Logpoint solution
  • How to use Logpoint capabilities for enhanced business intelligence
  • How to monitor, identify, document and respond to security threats and reduce false-positive alerts
  • How to use the Logpoint query language
  • How to manage compliance reporting and documentation in day-to-day tasks

For the extended course plan, please see the certified Logpoint training brochure below.

Advanced training courses

The Logpoint Advanced Admin and Advanced User Trainings are on-demand training courses dedicated to super–users. Logpoint trainers lead the sessions remotely or face-to-face in several European and U.S. locations throughout the year.

Learning objectives

The course consists of two modules. On day one and day two, the focus will be on addressing complex admin responsibilities related to roles, scaling and sizing, configuration, advanced workflows, and much more. While designing the Advanced Training modules, our goal was to ensure that peer-to-peer knowledge sharing plays an equally integral role as the traditional classroom experience. This key networking element is an excellent opportunity to seek advice and share experience about complex day-to day-projects with peers.

The topics covered on day three and day four will focus on enhancing the participants’ skill set in crucial areas such as advanced queries, pattern finding, search templates, creation and management of alert rules, and advanced use cases related to threat hunting, UEBA or the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

Who should participate?

Our certified Logpoint training courses are available to any IT and information security professional, such as analysts, consultants, auditors, managers, engineers and administrators.

To gain the most value from the advanced training courses, we advise future participants only to enroll if they have at least six months of experience with the Logpoint solution and experience with handling large and complex Logpoint installations.

Customized Workshops

Do you have a Logpoint workshop or training course in mind that isn’t covered by one of our current programs? Training sessions can be adjusted to cater to the needs of larger groups of participants.

For further information on the educational focus and course agendas, please take a look at our training brochures.

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