Security is a huge part of any digital transformation, however, according to a recent Ponemon study, nearly 80% of organizations are introducing digital innovation faster than their ability to secure it against cyberattacks. Although many network and security teams are addressing this by deploying cybersecurity platforms across the security lifecycle, SAP is often an area that falls through the security gap. With all the business-critical information stored in an SAP system and the huge consequences to an organization, if it is compromised in any way, SAP security should be one of the first considerations on your digital journey.

Join Christoph Aschauer from LogPoint who will be looking at the impact that an unsecured SAP system can have and how incorporating SAP into a cybersecurity platform will allow organizations to enter a more mature stage of their cybersecurity and digital transformation strategies.

During this session, you will learn:

– What can happen to your business if your SAP system is compromised, including failure of SAP audits and loss of IP.
– Why is SAP seen as a blindspot in any security strategy?
– Why incorporating SAP into a cybersecurity platform that includes SIEM, SOAR and UEBA can provide consistent insight into what is happening across the organization