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The digital era has ushered in greater possibilities of sharing and analyzing data across IT solutions and departments. This sharing brings vital contextual awareness to all levels of a business.

For most businesses, speed and capability matter. Completing an analysis quickly can have a direct effect on operations and create a competitive advantage in their industry. But one can’t be too hasty. Cyber threats and data breaches abound, and the benefits of speed and ability also create an increasing need for securing valuable data.

We recognize that our customers are undergoing a digital transformation, with exponential growth in data volume every year and constant demand of implementing IT systems to increase efficiency, reduce costs, spark innovation etc. Our purpose is to support this development. Our customers place their trust in us because they recognize us as one of the most innovative cybersecurity companies in the world.

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Enter our Modern SIEM, UEBA & SOAR solution

With a large variety of SIEM, UEBA & SOAR  solutions to choose from, you need to ensure you select the one that best fits your business’ needs. LogPoint leverages advanced analytics, accelerated by machine learning, to improve your cybersecurity posture and efficiently automate relevant responses to both internal and external threats. Here’s what makes us unique:

LogPoint ease of use

Ease of use

Customers are passionate about receiving the best, most detailed analytics possible. Our unique taxonomy makes it easy to learn using LogPoint, which enables lightning-fast analytics and rich reporting without requiring an advanced skillset.

Cost management

Cost management

Take advantage of unparalleled transparency into ROI and predictability for costs and outcomes. Our license is based on the number of nodes. There’s no extra cost related to the growth of the company’s data volume or how many events per second you receive.

EAL 3+ Unmatched certification

Unmatched certification

Customers with the most stringent security requirements place their trust in us and our reputation for superior security. We’ve earned EAL 3+ certification. It’s required by NATO and in critical infrastructure organizations like the military, intelligence agencies, utility companies and telcos.



Working closely with European clients has enmeshed data privacy into both our culture, products and how our offerings are experienced by customers. The LogPoint ecosystem is built on a customer-first culture, where going the extra mile to solve problems and add value for our customers is our main calling. See what our customers say on Gartner Peer Insights.



Helping our customers prioritize their precious time to focus on abnormal behavior that would otherwise be very time consuming to investigate. UEBA presents the required contextual information to the customer, enabling faster and better-informed decisions. The advanced analytics makes your cybersecurity team smarter by accelerating detection and response to threats without increasing the workload of your security analysts.



As cybersecurity incidents and the volume of data they generate grow exponentially, it is increasingly difficult for organizations to detect and respond to cyber threats. LogPoint SOAR is an innovative security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solution that brings cybersecurity efficiency and effectiveness to businesses of all sizes. LogPoint SOAR is a part of our SIEM and there is no additional cost for one analyst to use LogPoint SOAR.