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Get the most out of your SIEM+SOAR with Global Services.

Our experienced research and security analyst teams specialize in SIEM and SOAR technologies, recommending and building playbooks, processes, and assisting organizations in automating workflows.

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Playbook Design Service

Add efficiency, precision, and automation to your incident response processes.

Playbook Design Service is one of our professional services enabling organizations to utilize SOAR technology more efficiently. Our experts refine and optimize your manual incident response processes into documented workflows and automated playbooks.

Reduce your workload and increase your ROI on security controls.

Our service lifecycle is fast and tailored to each organization. Delivered by an experienced team, your needs are evaluated first, and from there use cases are built – Time to definition and launch is rapid.

Playbook Design Service

SOAR Kickstart Service

Discover how to save time on resolving incidents.

Get one-on-one consultation geared towards helping you achieve the full automation of any single use case.

As part of the SOAR Kickstart Service, we ensure that SOAR is fully functional and optimized for your needs. We show you how to configure triggers, simplify, and build playbook frameworks, and how to get your investigation and response processes automated.

Build and develop your SOAR knowledge base with the SOAR Kickstart Service. Discover how you can be more efficient, and how you can build your own playbooks.

Kickstart the implementation process of SOAR by selecting the right playbooks for your organization. Get automation and strategy for hunting, investigation, and response. Boost the maturity level of your automation and save time resolving each incident.

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Emerging Threats Protection Service

Keeping up with the emerging threat landscape – Simplified.

If you don’t have the resources or know how to tackle these threats, allow us to guide you.

Emerging threats protection service focuses on immediate coverage of newly discovered threats. Our experienced researchers and analysts provide you with continuous research on the newest and highest security risks.

Get customized detection rules, and investigation and mitigation playbooks.

Investigation, detection, and response – automated.

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